define, design, align your life

is unique program that will give you the tools to shift your personal and professional life from overwhelm, chaos & reactivity to clarity, productivity & freedom.

After thousands of hours working with clients in all areas of their personal and professional journeys, I began to recognize a very distinct pattern in the process that we worked through.

Understanding that successfully managing our lives, careers and business is dynamic, I knew that in order for my clients to simplify and navigate the intricate details of their ever expanding lives, they needed a system. One that they could repeatedly apply to each area of their life and business and get consistent positive results every time.

Consider the challenges that you face in your life. If you are using the same perspective, tools, and resources to solve the reoccurring problems then you will achieve the same ineffective results – these are the crazy making ones!

This program is for individuals, professionals, business owners, artists and those souls who are expanding their journey in creating the life that they so deeply desire. One that fits your personal definition of success!

As everything evolves, so is the DDA Your Life Program which will re-launch in a brand new format in the spring of 2014.  I am truly excited to share it’s new incarnation with you!

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Linda McCann“What an incredible seminar! Leah is an excellent speaker with a natural style of delivery that keeps everyone engaged. I can’t believe how much information was packed into those hours, and all of it was excellent! I would highly recommend this to any entrepreneur! ”
– Linda McCann CMA, Controller, SL Feldman and Associates

Ivy Young“Leah is a firecracker — a dynamic speaker. Her workshop is packed with priceless information for individuals and business owners alike. Her personal story is revelatory and she is a delight to work with!”
– Ivy Young, Inkling Arts

Lorna Ketler“I eagerly attended Leah’s workshop and I am really happy with the tools that I took away to help me move forward in my Bodacious business. Leah’s easy and inclusive manner encouraged us all to explore our goals and use the timeline to put a plan in place. Her use of humor and a caring approach created a sense of safety and empowerment within the group. I look forward to the next step in rocking my business and working together with other members of the group as we become our best selves!”
– Lorna Ketler, Bodacious Lifestyles Inc.