define, design, align business mastermind

The DDA Business Mastermind Program is designed specifically for evolving small business owners, entrepreneurs and artists who are ready to create a business and life that thrives! When you mix powerful intentions, crystal clear guidance, a deep investment of positive energy and action, unconditional support, accountability and tools – you get results!

This program runs the duration of one year with 10 active months starting in January (we take August & December off).

I am currently working on further developing this program and have some exciting projects on the go for 2013. Therefore, I have decided to re-open this program in January 2014.

If you are interested in receiving notification when enrollment opens in the fall of 2013, please be sure to sign up for my newsletter or send me an email at

Read on to hear what people said, the program for 2012 and some insight into what the 2014 program will offer.


Erin Whalen Border“Joining Leah’s Mastermind group has been a truly transformative experience for me. I set some pretty ambitious goals for my business and thanks to Leah and the support from my fellow members I’m achieving them faster than I ever thought possible! ”

Erin Whalen, Made You Look Copy



Kim Fenton“The mastermind program has pushed my personal boundaries and limits. I work smarter now. I have a more critical eye about my business decisions. I understand my finances better. I use my time better; I make better, faster decisions about using and leveraging resources. I set bigger goals and achieve them. I have seen bad relationships fall away to be replaced by healthy relationships, both personally and professionally. There is no doubt in my mind that I am growing me and my business into an integral part of the Sunshine Coast and beyond.”

Kim Fenton, Unwind Knit & Fibre Lounge



Tzaddi“One of the biggest factors in my success is strong connections with a network of supportive people. Leah is an essential part of my network; her insights are priceless and her enthusiasm for your vision is contagious! Her mastermind gave me the opportunity to lean into her support on a regular basis, plus I’ve gained a new posse who’s also rooting for my success. I’m deeply pleased about all that I accomplished in 2012 with the support of this program. ”

Tzaddi Gordon, Thrivewire Media


2012 DDA Mastermind Program

what you will receive:

four quarterly one day Live retreats (4x) (plus 2 optional social events)

These one day live retreats are powerful, nurturing and productive days.  Each day is designed to give you the platform to shift from working in your business to creating the business that you want.  Each day will be divided into sections providing information and training, invaluable exercises and connections and individual opportunities to find critical solutions, map out your next 90 days and be ready to implement as soon as you return home.  We will gather in our own private meeting room at the stunning, waterfront Rockwater Secret Cove Resort. Lunch, breathtaking views and “aha” moments are included.

monthly training webinar & Q&A Calls with online recording.  (6 x 75 minutes)

You will receive 10 months of training curriculum specifically designed to walk you through the key elements you need to run your business more effectively, save time and make more money.

You will have a pre-scheduled group coaching call to learn specific strategies, tools and templates to implement immediately into your business and answer questions. Calls are recorded, you can download and access these training calls anytime. Calls will be held 6 out of the 10 months (we will not have a call on months that we have our live retreats)

monthly action plan (MAP) with your own personal online accountability check-in.

Breaking your big vision down into manageable actions is critical to your success. Your MAP will provide you with the structure you need to ensure you are accountable to your goals!  You will be given access to your own confidential online account in which you will be asked to fill out a short but very effective monthly review and action plan.

monthly 45 minute individual coaching call (7.5 hours)

You will have a pre-scheduled individual 45 minute personal coaching call.  We will review your MAP together on each call and the remainder of the call focus will be entirely up to you. This is your time to work on any specific challenges, ideas, strategy, and organization or receive support in the area most critical to your success.

ongoing email access for questions and support (up to 10 hours)

Need to immediately find a resource, decide if an opportunity is a distraction or just the right move, find a quick solution? You will have a silent, confidential partner for the entire year!

mastermind planning binder, worksheets and templates

Each month you will receive focused worksheets and templates to support each module and a binder to keep it all organized. Upon completion of the program you will have a complete actionable plan in which to run your business and life.

private access to the exclusive online group

One of the best parts of the Mastermind Program is the access and support of your amazing peers through the online group. You can connect, share, get instant feedback on your ideas and initiatives.  Plus, it’s a great place for brainstorming and sharing your knowledge and resources. There is nothing like experiencing the tremendous momentum, strength and power held within a group of exceptional, like-minded peers all invested in your success!

accountability partner

From our first one day event you will be matched up with your personal accountability partner. Together you will provide each other with one more level of support to keep you focused and on track in achieving your goals. You will be provided with different recommended structures for supporting each other and you will decide what works best for both of you.

my personal investment in your success

What does this mean? My soul purpose in the work that I do is to help you define, design and align success into your business and life!  As a member of the Rock Star Mastermind, I am highly invested and committed in providing you with the utmost support. Your success is what rocks my world! It’s a simple as that! I am a problem solver, ideas generator and connector. You will own any ideas developed for your business, solutions and connections – all of it, are yours to run with!

invitation to be featured in the Define, Design & Align newsletter and promoted through my network

The DDA network is growing rapidly.  You will have an opportunity to share your story, product and business in the DDA newsletter during the program and will be respectfully promoted throughout the year.

access to all of my resources & contacts

I have a select network of individuals and service providers that I use and have proven results. Invaluable resources and connections make all the difference in your business. I will actively connect you with the people and technology that you need to take your business to the next level.

Open Invitation to attend any online programs free or any live events at 70 % the cost of the event during the program.

Priceless connection, support and investment in

the success of your business and life!

program core content outline:

You & Your Rocking Plan

  • your ultimate experience & vision – get to the heart of what you want in your business & life, define your kick ass theme and have it be your driving force in 2012
  • your action plan & rhythm – nail down a crystal clear plan and rhythm to support your momentum
  • your time , focus and priorities – create daily practices, zero in on your priorities & increase your productivity
  • your agreements – understand what is truly holding you back & how to change it.

Sales & Marketing Mojo

  • your marketing &  your people – understand your ideal client, learn essential marketing strategies including online marketing and social media, nail down a marketing plan, unveil and close the gaps in your marketing

Business, Financials & Your Gold

  • redefine your relationship to you business – so it stops running your life
  • your finances – clearly understand your numbers, your relationship to $  & implement changes
  • your gift, your gold & your delivery – identify & focus on your greatest strengths, how to package & deliver them.

Products, Services & Systems

  • your products and services – re-define what you are selling and streamline your products
  • your systems – understand the true role of systems,  identify your gaps and implement systems that will save money, time and maximize your freedom

Your Harmony: Home, Health & Family  

  • Understand the impact of your environment and how to change it
  • Change your relationship to your health to truly thrive
  • Re-define your boundaries – bring flow & harmony to the dance between your needs, your family and your business.
  • and a whole lot more! Working with the group focus and working on critical areas in your business. The power of having both! 

This program is designed to ensure that you are able to learn and implement the core strategies, information, templates and tools while simultaneously working on the most pressing areas in your business.

your commitment and making time for this program

Your return on this investment is directly correlated to the amount of energy, focus and time that you choose to commit. I recognize that you already have an extremely full plate and you may be asking yourself “how in the world am I going to have the time for all of this”?

My question to you is “can you afford the time it’s taking you now working ineffectively in your business?” I know you are busier than busy! That is why I have structured the mastermind program to provide you with the opportunity to stop doing what is not working and focus only on what is giving you the greatest return on your time.

“Once you make the decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” 

– R.W. Emerson