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I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with some incredible people over the years. These rock-star clients have invited me into their businesses, homes and lives. We’ve shared in their challenges, successes, and dreams, and we have experienced some amazing “a-ha!” moments together. The following words shared with the utmost gratitude and respect…

“Working with Leah has made a profound difference in my business – my efficiency, work/life balance and ease of operations have improved dramatically with her assistance”

Wendy Weir, CEO, www.libretea.com

Brenda at JB Tech GroupAfter 10 years of unorganized chaos both at work and at home I decided it was in my best interest and that of my son’s, to make drastic changes that would affect all areas of our lives for the better. I went through a tremendous personal transition in 2007 which left me as the sole owner of a business that had also suffered the consequences of the transition. After wading through the stressers that followed, I began to realize that in order to revitalize the business and my life I would need help from an outside source. I knew Leah could assist me in making the changes I so desperately needed both personally and professionally. I’ve now been working with Leah for 10 months and I am pleased to say that she has thoroughly exceeded my expectations! Leah is professional, courteous and organized. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make life changes!

Brenda Silvey , www.jbtechgroup.com

dana-williams“Leah has a sharp sense of  where, what and when. She has helped me  prioritize what needs attention in all areas of my business. Leah helped me map out a path to build a strong foundation with a vision for my future and I am truly grateful to have her guidance as my business grows and I grow with it. Leah brings humor, sincerity and loyalty to our community and is such a fantastic supporter and promoter. If you are fortunate to have Leah on your team you are making a wise choice for the success and prosperity of your business.”

Dana Louise Williams, www.DanaLouiseWilliams.com

Jamie & Sarah of Alpha Adventures“Leah  has been an amazing leader in moving us forward. I cannot believe the calm, professional way she goes about things- she is incredibly efficient and thorough. In looking at our situation, Leah cared deeply and took the time to get to know who we are, what we want and where we want to get to. She has been invaluable in connecting us with resources, setting up systems and making things happen!” (Sarah)

“Leah has given us the skills and tools to allow our business to go beyond merely surviving to a point where it can thrive. Her thorough knowledge of business structures, marketing and strategic planning have been vital for the growth of our business. As an accomplished entrepreneur herself- she not only relates to me, she thinks in a very similar way. She has shown me how I can run my business, instead of having my business run me…” (Jamie)

Sarah & Jamie Mani, Alpha Adventures

Mark & Jane of Wheatberries“As local business owners, parents of young children and a home learning family, my husband and I had found ourselves in the clutter of “life”. Major life changes, rapid business expansion, personal growth and the fun of family life had left us suddenly feeling overwhelmed. In came Leah! The idea of someone coming alongside us to “organize” and support our intentions spoke to me immediately. After meeting Leah and realizing the depth of her perception, the wisdom of her organization and systems, and the sheer enjoyment of her character…we were hooked! Leah is truly a support for us in many ways, able to ascertain our ideas and goals, inspire our focus, extrapolate our thoughts into common solutions and advise us as our business and life grows. Working with Leah continues to be a gift we are thankful for; anyone could benefit from her magic! With her combination of direct communication, engaging personality, professional demeanor and excellent follow-through, Leah is great to work with. Remarkably focused and incredibly perceptive, Leah can inspire and facilitate your goals and intentions with a clear action plan (and she helps you do it too!)We can whole-heartedly recommend Leah!”

Jane and Mark Yellowley, Owners Wheatberries Bakery Ltd.

Katherine of Kalijo“Leah has an incredible way of hearing and seeing between the cracks of the internal chaos one may have in their business!! Her organizational skills are by far the best investment you could make in wanting to move forward with the internal details of your business, as she will carry through with true intentions and focus to move your business forward quickly and thoroughly… Kalijo Pilates would never have moved on as we have without her innate sense of structure and form needed to develop and grow Kalijo to where we are now! Leah is the best money spent in developing and organizing any busy business!! Thank you Leah for your energy and stature and for believing in Kalijo!”

Katherine Denham, Kalijo Pilates, Dance and Health

Claudia“It has been a pleasure to work with Leah over the last few years as a colleague facilitating and coaching Aspire participants. Leah’s workshops offered to the Aspire participants were the most popular. I appreciated her conscientious approach to create a workshop experience that supported the participants in moving ahead with their goals. Leah demonstrated the gift of communicating knowledge and expertise that resonated with her audience. As well, these skills were valuable in one-on-one coaching with our clients. Leah’s warm nature and wonderful sense of humor makes it a delight to work with her in any capacity.”

Claudia Howard, VP Marketing, Holy Crap

(Past Program Director, Aspire Self Employment Program)

Dana“Working with Leah Goard – What it has meant for me!

I am now…..working far more efficiently, not panicked by ‘overload’, generating revenue more efficiently, able to focus more on my relationships and loving my work and my personal spaces.

I began working with Leah in April 2010. My plate was so full, and my office and living spaces so congested, that I was literally ‘chasing my head off’.  Work projects have always come to me – my issue was I could not juggle them, and cash flow was constantly a challenge. I was convinced no one could help me!

Leah brings with her a sense of calmness and clarity – a ‘zen’ of efficiency and kindness that goes much deeper than words. She has a profound understanding of how our spaces affect how we live – and she creates ‘well being’ in those spaces. If I could give my good friends and co-workers a precious gift, it would be to work with Leah.
~ Dana Caple Smith, www.Flycoastal.ca / www.FrancebytheSea.com

Suzanne Doyle Ingram, Author“Working with Leah has been one of the most important steps in growing my business. Initially we started off organizing our home because I thought that everything was fine in my business. It was a success, so where’s the problem? But in reality, once Leah helped me put systems into place – not only creating an organized office, but also step-by-step systems – my business really all came together and flourished. Leah’s business savvy is bang on. She knows what needs to be done and has such a great understanding of the big picture. Sometimes when you’re so deep in your own business, you can’t see the forest for the trees, but Leah has that ability. Thanks to Leah, I feel more in control, more calm, more energy and much less stress. (I’m also making more money). Thank you Leah!”

Suzanne Doyle Ingram, Author of The 6 P’s of Profitability