Shift from feeling time strapped, overwhelmed, unsure, and unfocused to having clarity, a plan, and a foundation so you can truly become the driving force in your life and work. 

To make things easier and get better results 
To experience real freedom on the inside and out 
To create alignment and abundance with more time for living... 

You need a road map, a navigation system, and a whole new approach.
(Not just a one off plan!) 

Maybe you've been juggling business deadlines, work projects, family priorities, and dreams for decades and you're tired of the relentless hustle to make it all work. Maybe you feel as though you are constantly being pulled in 100 different directions, unable to get things done, create quality time or be fully present for anything or anyone - including yourself.

What actually matters the most -  your health, family, creativity, the bottom line - always ends up at the bottom of the list.

Or maybe you know you're ready for a change - to pull that passion project off the back burner and turn it into a viable venture, climb that mountain, or make that 180 turn but have no idea how to even begin and wonder if it's even worth it.

If you could just find the time to get organized and clear on your vision, it would be so much easier to prioritize and focus but when you sit down to create that plan you don't even know where to start. 

You've read the books, tried the latest productivity tools and even managed to meditate a few times but all the pieces just never seem to land in a way that feels deeply aligned and empowered to give you the freedom you crave.  



Designed for you — a smart, intuitive, discerning individual,
 business owner or entrepreneur
who is DONE with struggling.

You are ready to finally: 

  • Feel confident in your direction and ability to execute
  • Clear your external distractions and internal stories that have been blocking your success
  • Get organized and create the time and space necessary to focus on what matters the most
  • Have a simple, effective planning method to boost your productivity 
  • Experience alignment, freedom, and greater ease in all areas of your business and life 

The DDA Method is a profoundly effective system and step by step approach to how you live your life and run your business that teaches you how to: build your foundation, radically shift the way you show up, think strategically, make empowered decisions, and take aligned action so you quickly and soulfully re-shape your world. 

How can I be so sure? 

Using this method gave me the foundation to re-design my life and business. I reclaimed my time, shifted years of struggling with my health and self esteem, rebuilt my business and moved from being energetically and financially bankrupt to living in abundance — I tripled my income, financed my business, and own my own home.  

Hundreds of savvy individuals and business owners are using this method to empower themselves daily and continue to make their impossible – possible.  

In the first six weeks of the program, I accomplished more than I had in the previous six months! Learning the DDA Method and adopting this dynamic system and approach has been a game-changer for me and my business.  I will use this for the rest of my life!  - Stephanie Wood, Master EFT Trainer and Financial Therapist

I had worked for 6 months without a day off and felt like my life was crashing in around me so I started working with The DDA Method  to to get my life in alignment, my health on track and my business back in order. I have felt an tremendous shift from, “hustle ‘till I drop,” to creating work with intention and focus. - Carla Contreras, Food Stylist and Health Coach

Working with Leah and the DDA Method, I learned how to believe in myself and to gently strip away my stories holding me back from realizing my dreams. My intangible but priceless results: clarity, focus, joy and confidence.  I have time to paint, for self care and my family and friends. - Marlene Lowden, Artist and Yogi




Here's what you get inside each module:



Get really honest and take radical responsibility. 

  • Take a deep, holistic look at where you are right now in your life, business or work 
  • Identify what's working and not working and gather fiercely accurate insights
  • Get crystal clear on where your greatest gaps are so you know exactly what to focus your attention on to make the biggest impact
  • Dive into the core of your the resistance (yup, it's gonna rise) and learn the fastest way to move through it - time and time again

You'll wrap Module 1 with a true understanding of where you are and an empowered sense of responsibility.  

"Denial keeps you stuck. Acceptance gives you the power to change."



Expand possibility. 

  • Give yourself permission to want what you really want
  • Truly define success on your terms - your desired experience and expanded vision of what's possible  
  • Get clear on your strengths, core values and mission — where who you are meets what you do 
  • Learn the #1 most powerful method to shift how you show up and change your results (This is GOLD)
  • Understand the real definition of CEO and how it will guide you (it's NOT in the dictionary) to become the driving force in your world. 

You'll wrap Module 2 with rich clarity in what you truly desire, an expanded vision and have stepped into your new CEO shoes. 

"You are the architect of your life. How you show up shapes your world." 



Throw out the s**t blocking your success.  

Learn specific methods and tools to clear your path in the 3 key areas:

  • Your Internal Blocks - the stories and unfinished business.  You'll learn The SHIFT Method - the groundbreaking way of shifting your stories and moving into action immediately (See Bonus #1)
  • Your External Blocks - the physical items and clutter that's in your way. Learn a process that will make getting rid of your stuff super easy.  
  • Your Time and Energetic Blocks - the outdated commitments that aren't serving you and the boundaries you need to set. You'll be introduced to The BEST list you'll ever write and the 3 key elements to setting and keeping boundaries not just with others but with yourself. 

You'll wrap Module 3 with a tremendous sense of lightness and freedom from the inside out.  (This is one of may favourite modules! 🙂 

"Simplify, say no and let go." 



The real power of goal-setting and focus - this is where you start mapping it all out.   

  • Understand the true power of planning and why it's seems so hard to do (You are not alone and it might even get fun!) 
  • Learn why balance is bullshit and how to apply 3 critical strategies to create focus 
  • Identify your greatest impact goals and strategies to give you the greatest return 
  • Learn how to effectively organize your goals and priorities so you can ditch that endless list of to do's
  • Understand the power of 90 Day Challenges 
  • Identify the types of expertise that you may need to keep your momentum forward 
  • Bonus: The Five Stages of Business mini training to identify your true business priorities 

You'll wrap Module 4 with a road mapping framework to follow, knowing your greatest impact goals and priorities and the expertise you need. You will also have The Digital DDA Planner to guide you. 

"Once you make the decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. Trust and do the work."  



Get streamlined, organized and supported: 

  • Gain a new perspective on the power and importance of systems (This is essential to creating more freedom)
  • Understand how to create systems to decrease overwhelm, increase productivity and simplify your world. (It's easier than you think)
  • Learn what systems you need in life and business (Includes your Business System Checklist)
  • Learn the #1 question to determine which system to focus on first 
  • Get clear on the systems and the stories that are blocking you from getting the support you need to build strength, capacity and sustainability.   

You'll wrap Module 5 with a clear understanding of systems, the next steps to creating the ones essential to you and the readiness to get the support you need. 

"Asking for help is a sign of strength."



Change your habits, re-claim your time and implement key CEO practices.  

  • Understand how habits are formed
  • Learn the 5 key steps to changing your habits and get started right away
  • Learn the power of CEO practices and specifically the four essential ones to start with that will make a profound impact in how you feel and what you acheive
  • Implement the practice of Landing and Launching - it's a game changer
  • Shift your relationship to time and learn the simple, powerful way to Time Block - so it works for you (template included)
  • Create your personal Morning Road Map - the essential way to starting your day
  • Learn the little known practice of The Art of Segment Intending that will radically change your experience

You'll wrap Module 6 with a powerful set of tools to transform your daily routine into not just a productive rhythm but also a meaningful experience that is  directly aligned with your bigger goals. 

"Transformation happens in the moment by moment decisions you make and actions you take."



Embody and embrace the magic - it's real.  

  • Implement a daily practice to gather evidence in support of your growth and rewire your expectations to attract more of what you want
  • Understand and harness the real power of savouring and celebrating to experience more joy, confidence and momentum
  • Create measurements of success on your terms in your life and business as benchmarks so you are tracking what matters the most

You'll wrap Module 7 with a renewed sense of confidence that you are exactly on track with benchmarks for success  on YOUR terms.

"You have everything you need... Trust is your greatest companion."

At the end of the training series you'll have with the confidence, clarity, skills and tools to step into being the CEO of your business and life!   










You will receive a beautiful hard cover, spiral bound copy of
The DDA Planner sent right to your doorstep! 

The exclusive DDA Planner {$70 CAD value} and implementation system is specifically designed to ensure you have all of your core planning and priorities in ONE place and supports you for an entire year to help establish essential habits and keep you fiercely focused your goals and what matters the most so you knock that vision out of the park! 

And if you prefer to work online, we've got you covered as you will also receive an editable, digital copy of The DDA Planner. 

"The DDA Planner is one of the key tools that grounds me into my life and anchors me in what is important every day so I feel empowered to take my next steps and believe that I am indeed in the driver's seat — even during hard times when unexpected life happens." – Kim Fenton 

*The DDA Planner is only available for purchase with this program or for past DDA clients using The DDA Method. Here's why... planners are important tools however, without a planning strategy, system and support - as you know, planners on their own are not effective. I am highly invested in your long term success — not just a one-off planner purchase. 


 OCTOBER 11th - DECEMBER 13th 

This training series is a combination of easy to digest, on-demand training, weekly live group sessions with direct support, and a virtual road mapping retreat to ensure you have your plan in place. 

Ideally, you'll show up for the live sessions however, the beautiful thing about this structure is that you can easily learn The DDA Method, complete the work and create your Road Map on your own if required or desired - all from the comfort of your home or office.  You will still have direct support, accountability, and access to Leah and the community for questions and connections. ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THEM LIVE! 

All you need is your computer and a deep desire to make real, long lasting changes in the way you live your life, transform your work, or run your business!  

ON-DEMAND TRAINING: You will have access to the step by step on-demand video training, workbooks, templates, tools, and resources to support each module. Every week a new DDA Method Module is released, building on the previous one to ensure that it's easy for you to stay on track. Upon registration, you'll have immediate access to the welcome videos and the first module,  so you can dive right in and get started.

WEEKLY LIVE GROUP SESSIONS: Following our live Kick Off Call on Friday, October 11th, you'll join Leah for seven live, weekly, group jam sessions starting on October 18th. Every Friday from 12 PM - 1:15 PM PST on Zoom, you will receive the support you need to get your work done, have your questions answered, connect with others, and share your aha moments. All sessions are recorded so you can easily access them if you can't attend live. 

VIRTUAL ROAD MAPPING RETREAT: December 13th is our live, virtual retreat (9:30 AM – 2:30 PM). You will take all of your data, strategies and insights gathered throughout the training and create your own customized, strategic annual plan and map out your first 90 days of the year ahead. You will start your year off with a crystal clear vision, your top priorities in focus, a weekly rhythm and planning system in place, to ensure you stay on track. You will feel a great sense of ease and confidence over the winter holidays knowing you've got your 2020 Road Map done. 

ONGOING SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY: Join the private Facebook Community and receive weekly prompts to keep you on track, daily support and feedback, and the opportunity to share, learn and celebrate with your peers. If you do not wish to be part of the FB Group or have a confidential question that arises, you can always email Leah directly to receive support. Leah is very well known for providing exceptional support and guidance within her group training programs. You will simply not get lost in the crowd! 


You'll learn this simple yet profoundly powerful method to transform the stories that have been standing in the way of your success!

"The DDA Shift Method is the most deep-dive into the core of my being that I've experienced. I accomplished more through this training than I have in multiple one on one therapy sessions and hours upon hours of journaling, reading, and searching for answers." Jaime Di Dio Aoyama


Your financial health is a large part of living and working in alignment. You will learn how to apply The DDA Method to your dance with money to create more financial freedom from the inside out. 


Your health, energy, and vitality has a direct impact on your capacity to reach your goals and create the experiences you truly desire. You will kick off the New Year with a deep dive into how to apply The DDA Method to your health and wellness so you feel empowered in your body.  



The most challenging part of success in anything is not the work itself - it's getting down to doing the work! This is the foundation to simplify and integrate all the pieces of your life, work, or business, so you take inspired action and get the most important things done!   


  • The DDA Method Training and Planning System
  • The DDA Planner (Exclusive Hard Cover & Digital Version) 
  • On Demand Comprehensive Training
  • 8 x Live Virtual Weekly Jam Sessions
  • 1 x Day Virtual Road Mapping Retreat
  • Private Facebook Community with weekly discussions
  • Ongoing Direct Support from Leah
  • Bonus #1: DDA Money Mini Training
  • Bonus #2: Live New Year DDA Your Health Session
  • Bonus #3: The DDA SHIFT Method Training



We want you to get the results you signed up for! Satisfaction is Guaranteed. If you complete the modules, show up for the sessions, and do the work and you still do not feel that the training series delivered on it's promise, then you may request a refund. 


Sorry, the application deadline has passed and registration is now closed.

Building a thriving life and business takes courage, devotion, integrity and having access to resources, tools and support. 

That's what makes ALL the difference which is why I am thrilled to offer two full program scholarships! 

If you are a woman devoted to taking radical responsibility for your life, learning how to show up and navigate things differently and make some changes in your life and work but currently do not have the financial resources then this scholarship opportunity is for you!


Leah and her dog smiling at the viewer

I'm a business strategist and lifestyle designer, the creator of The DDA Method and the CEO of THE DEFINE DESIGN ALIGN CO. 

An entrepreneur for over twenty years with businesses in Australia, England, Japan and Canada in health, marketing, import, education and offshore finance with a 2-day stint packing mangoes in the desert. 🙂 

I’ve also been lost in the woods. I've known the razor-sharp blade of abuse and been crushed by self doubt. I’ve lived with chronic pain and assholes and know the desperation of bankruptcy.

Suffering and I were once on a first-name basis. 

And… I’ve independently raised an amazing kid. I’ve climbed mountains and traveled the globe. I’ve built four successful businesses in three countries and made six figures with integrity.

I've had the absolute pleasure of helping hundreds of courageous, uber-savvy individuals and business owners reclaim their lives, align their businesses and create freedom on their terms. It would be my honour to dance with you. 



Since working with Leah and implementing the DDA methods and tools I’ve become laser focused and more productive. The best part, though, is how I FEEL about my art practice and my decision to be a full-time artist. - Jody Macdonald, Visual Artist

The DDA Method  -  the modules, workbooks, live on-line sessions and individual support from Leah helped me to get clear on where I was at, where I wanted to go and what steps could take me there.  I highly recommend Leah and the DDA Method to anyone who is ready to do the work to truly thrive in their life.   - Lana McMartin

Saying YES to The DDA Method Foundation Training was the best decision.  I had no idea just how much rich and empowering guidance I was about to absorb. Leah provides powerful and practical tools for simplifying, streamlining and aligning life and business management and she shares them in a generously empowering way that quickly amplified my readiness and confidence to take my life, business and vision to the next level.  - Megan Shannon Martin, CPTSD Warrior 

 I loved The DDA Method Foundation Training.  I already plan on joining again next year.What I got out of it was so much more than I expected. I clarified what I wanted to accomplish in my art business and some personal goals that weren't even on my radar. I learned methods for organizing and managing all of life and business, including ways to break through the stories we tell ourselves.   - Hannah Lowe Corman, Artist, Mindfulness and Meditation

The DDA Method is extremely potent.  I've worked through my stories, started to systematize my business and life, have reclaimed so much time and value my worth rather than feeling run ragged and energetically broke. You can't really put a price on that!  - Cindy Stockdale, Business  Manager, Magic Maker

The skills I’ve learned over the course of a very short period of time have been game changers. And ones I use on a daily basis. I wanted more ease, financial freedom and pleasure — all of which have come to fruition since working with Leah.  I increased my revenue by 25% and two things I had listed on my “$5 million / ideal life vision” both came to fruition. - Victoria Maxwell, Speaker and Wellness Warrior

For the first time I have the tools I need, a team to work with and I feel supported. DDA is a fantastic set of tools to rejig your life and business with!  Ones that have included  ladders, kleenex, CEO shoes, and hot tubs! There has been some universal magic too! - Alex Anglin, CEO Puddlegear

I have gone from a “shy”, unsure person/ CEO to a confident lady/ CEO getting shit done!!! I no longer work those crazy hours; I am reaching my financial goals and I am excited every day to go to work.   My business is on track to successfully support me doing what I love to do and to be able to sell when I want to retire. The best thing is how much happier and more confident I am. - Lorraine Caple, Tapestry Gardens

Leah's DDA Method and tools helped me figure out the gaps and glitches that needed attention and my next steps. Her approach helped me realize that we're all continuously refining our life and business, and it's a whole lot more fun to do that with self-compassion and within a great community.  - Tzaddi Gordon, Creative Director and Artist 


When does The DDA Method Foundation Training start?

The 2019 training series officially starts on October 11th, 2019. Registration opens in September 2019 and when you register you will be given immediate access to the welcome videos and the first module so you can dive right in. 

How much time will be required?

There are 7 on-demand training modules that are between 20-40 minutes in length. The workbooks vary and will take between 15-45 minutes each to complete. The weekly live sessions are 75 minutes and you can expect some additional time required to watch the bonus training for the tools and templates. Total weekly estimate is between 1.5 - 3 hours. The alternative is that you can structure this training to batch it together and take a couple of days to do the entire training over a weekend.  

Will I have direct access to work with Leah?

YES. You will have direct access to Leah during the 7 x live weekly jam sessions, access through the private Facebook Group, and during the Live Virtual Retreat in January. If you do not want to be part of the FB Group or if you have a confidential question, you can reach out to Leah directly through email. If you show up - you will be met every single time! 

Who is this training for?

The DDA Method Training Series is designed for individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs and teams. Yes, everyone is unique in their circumstances, personalities and strengths however, there are tried and tested methods that work across the board. The DDA Method has been successfully applied by an extensive range of different types of people with unique lifestyles and businesses which is exactly what sets it apart. This is not a cookie cutter system but a dynamic new approach.  

Is this for me if I don't own a business or I'm not an entrepreneur?

YES, this series is designed for individuals as well as business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed people.  It is also for those who may be wanting to turn their hobby or side project into a business or launch a new venture. The emphasis is on becoming the driving force in your life whatever the work is that you do in the world.  

I'm an introvert and I am concerned about the amount of group work/interaction involved.

The DDA Method Foundation Training is specifically designed so that you can participate as much or as little as you want within the group. Everyone's time, desire for engagement, energy and capacity is deeply honoured. The DDA Community is known for it's warmth and respect for everyone's unique needs and attracts both introverts and extroverts alike. The DDA Method Foundation Training is structured to support you and in the process enhance your energy so that you thrive. 

What if I can't make the live sessions?

All sessions are recorded and you may indeed complete this series without attending any of the live sessions. However, let's be honest... I am way more interested in you transforming the way you show up in the world and the results you achieve than I am in you purchasing a program where you are not really going to do the work. Therefore, if you sign up for the series knowing that you can't make the live sessions, please ensure that you immediately carve out the time that you need to focus on watching the on-demand training and the replays. Alternatively, you may decide to make some changes in your schedule so that you can attend a few of the live sessions and receive the most support and accountability available with your time constraints (and we have a whole lot of fun on these live sessions!)  

How long will I have access to the materials?

You will have full access to all of the training and materials for a full year with the option to download everything in the course for lifetime access. 

Is this still relevant if I've taken a DDA Program or worked with Leah before?

Yes. This series is the expanded and updated version of the DDA Method. We dive much deeper into the methods, tools and steps than in previous workshops to get a whole lot more out of the foundation work. Included is the newly designed digital DDA Planner and planning system (with option to purchase a hardcopy) to really support implementation. If you have worked with Leah or the DDA Method in any format then know the power of returning to this system to integrate it further into the way you show up and navigate your world. And at the end of this series, you will have walked through this powerful process to know exactly what your vision and priorities are for the next year. If you still aren't sure then please don't hesitate to send an email to * Please note, If you were part of the 2018 DDA Method Foundation Training and are not aware of the special then please get in touch.  

What is the difference between the DDA Method Foundation Training Series and the DDA Academy?

The DDA Method Foundation Training Series is a 2-month training focused specifically on the DDA Method to provide the foundation you need to thrive.  The DDA Academy is an extended program for business owners and entrepreneurs with a high level of implementation support and access to business development training to define, design and align core areas in Finances, Products and Services, Branding and Marketing. The DDA Academy will launch in January 2020 following the DDA Method Training Series. If you have any questions about what program is the best fit, please email Leah at 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, absolutely. When you sign up, you have the option to pay in full or in three equal installments.  

Cancellation Policy

You have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered prior to signing up for The DDA Foundation Training Series. Please ensure that you are making a well informed decision as there are no immediate refunds!

If however, you complete the entire program (proof will be required) and you do not feel that the program delivered on it's promise, then you may request a refund.

We also recognize that on rare occasions, there are extenuating circumstances that arise for clients. If such circumstances happen, in alignment with the integrity of our company, the situation will be evaluated and taken into great consideration as to whether a refund is appropriate.    

If you have another question or you're not sure if The DDA Method Training is right for you at this time, I'm more than happy to connect! Please send an email to




Psst...How good can you handle it? 

Maybe it's time to find out.