The year is not over yet!

Join us for this FREE 90 Minute workshop to kick start this fall with clarity and focus!  


Lack of clarity, indecision and distractions are the three biggest reasons you are not getting things done

As we turn the corner into the fall, it's easy to feel behind on what we had set out to achieve this year. But take heart, there is still plenty of time to create more alignment in your world, get fiercely focused on your highest priorities and gain traction on what matters the most. 

It's time to pause and reflect, get crystal clear on the biggest impact goal for this fall, re-prioritize your time and clear your distractions!

You are in charge of your time, energy and resources and you have a choice - spend the rest of this year painfully fumbling around OR land on December 31st with a "HELL YES, I DID IT!"

Join me and a group of dynamic, business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals for this FREE 90 minute workshop.  Take this opportunity to stop… breathe… tune in to what your life and business are really calling you to focus on so you wrap this year feeling amazing! 

In The DDA Road Mapping Workshop you will...

  • Understand how The (DDA) Define Design Align Method works  and why it's so powerful 
  • Reflect and gather key insights on the year to date so you know exactly what to focus on 
  • Identify your greatest impact goal and how to create the time to ensure you achieve it
  • Unveil what's standing your way BEFORE it blocks your path so you can clear it and get things done 
  • Learn 3 key game changing practices for staying on track 




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Your webinar was exactly what I needed to re-assess the big picture of what is important to me, and provided a strategic plan to help me get there. Three months later,  I’ve already achieved many of my relationship, money and personal growth goals. – Elena Verlee, Cross Border Communications


Total light-bulb moment for me, personally and business-wise and I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar! I felt like you were speaking right to me, and me alone.  It was like you were in my brain, clearing away the cobwebs that have kept me snarled up in inactivity.  Thank you, Leah this couldn’t have come at a better time for me. – Angela Rae, Angela Rae Interior Design

Jody MacDonald

Since working with Leah and implementing the DDA methods and tools I’ve become laser focused and more productive. The best part, though, is how I FEEL about my art practice and my decision to be a full-time artist. - Jody Macdonald, Visual Artist


I'm a business strategist and lifestyle designer, the creator of The DDA Method and the CEO of THE DEFINE DESIGN ALIGN CO. 

An entrepreneur for over twenty years with businesses in Australia, England, Japan and Canada in health, marketing, import, education and offshore finance with a 2-day stint packing mangoes in the desert. 🙂 

I've had the absolute pleasure of helping hundreds of courageous, uber-savvy individuals and business owners reclaim their lives, align their businesses and create freedom on their terms. It would be my honour to dance with you. 

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