The power to transform your life is anchored in changing your stories



Ever wonder why it sometimes feels like Groundhog Day?

Even with the best intentions and new strategies you STILL find yourself in the same place, wrangling the same challenges - same lack of time, same goals, same debt and the same old habits.  

Those my friend are your stories at work! 

Your stories - the subconscious beliefs you hold to be true - are the driving force in how you experience your life and work, and the results you achieve.

Stories like...

You have to struggle and work hard 24/7 to achieve anything. 

You can’t be creative and financially successful. 

It’s not okay to shine too brightly!

There is never enough time. 

Your stories are a big part of what's standing between where you are now and what you truly desire... more freedom, money, time, health, and connection.

You will experience, interpret, and respond to everything around you based on your stories and unless you learn how to SHIFT the ones that no longer serve you, you'll continue to attract circumstances that reinforce them. 

If you're frustrated and tired of it being so hard to create change in your world
 and you're ready to do something different...



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Welcome to The DDA SHIFT Method - a profoundly simple and effective method to quickly and easily change your stories so you can make empowered decisions and take proactive steps towards what you most want... in as little as a minute. 

After years of digging, I knew my core stories inside and out. They worked their way throughout my experiences and the results I was achieving or more specifically the ones that I wasn't. Regardless of what I thought I knew, I often still couldn't change how I felt or how I reacted and the patterns would keep on repeating themselves. 

I knew I needed something to help me in those moments, those weeks, and sometimes months where I was living, running my business, and taking actions based on my old stories. There had to be a way to change course without heading back to my therapist to re-hash the old story time and again. I wanted to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT... NOW! 

Then on a sunny afternoon several years ago when I was stuck, The DDA SHIFT Method landed. Since then, I've used it countless times and shared it with hundreds of clients. This wildly simple little method has become a game changer and I want to share it with you.

The DDA SHIFT Method will help you...

  • Get out of your own way 
  • Move from overwhelm into focus
  • Turn chaos into peace
  • Move from scarcity into abundance
  • Change insecurities into confidence
  • Transform fear into results 

You can powerfully and wholeheartedly
show up and navigate your world with confidence and trust

It's time to step into the story of who you truly are


The SHIFT Method has helped me get out of my own way more times than I can count. It's a simple to learn yet tremendously powerful tool for personal transformation and professional growth. - Tzaddi Gordon, Design Strategist


I've used the DDA SHIFT Method for five years. It's been a game changer. It works with my internal dialogue and stories of limitation, as well as my interactions with others whether professionally or with my teenage daughters. The more you SHIFT the faster the process works and soon it's second nature. - Krystin Clark, Award Winning Author and Speaker


Our stories are extremely powerful in both motivating and blocking how we move in the world. The DDA Shift Method is an exceptional way to navigate these waters, to identify what you believe, to honour how you feel and then rewrite your story, the one you want to tell yourself and the world.  I cannot say enough about this truly potent process and how instrumental it's been in helping me wake up to what is really possible for me by breaking through some serious limitations that I had imposed on myself.  - Cindy Stockdale, Business  Manager, Magic Maker



This is a WORKSHOP. We are going to dive right in and do some of this work together using The DDA SHIFT METHOD WORKBOOK so you have the support to start doing things differently right away!   

There are NO STRINGS or SALES PITCH at the end. Period. 

To kick off your momentum, following the workshop, you'll be invited to join the FREE & FUN DDA DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT CHALLENGE - a super simple 5 day challenge with randomly selected winners of some great DDA Swag.


YES, THERE IS A REPLAY. So even if you can't join us for the live workshop, sign up, watch the replay and join us for the #dosomethingdifferent Challenge that follows! 

LOCATION: From the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you've got wifi. This is a LIVE VIRTUAL workshop. 


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Here's to slaying old stories, creating new and rich experiences and making some profound changes in your world!


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As a gift, you will receive my Morning Road Map FREE!



I'm a business strategist and lifestyle designer and the CEO of THE DEFINE DESIGN ALIGN CO. For over a decade I've intimately worked with hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs and individuals.  

I’ve been lost in the woods. I’ve known the razor-sharp blade of abuse. I’ve crumbled with energetic erosion. I’ve been crushed by self doubt. I’ve lived with chronic pain and assholes. I know the desperation of bankruptcy. 

Suffering and I were once on a first-name basis. 

And …

I’ve raised an amazing kid. I’ve experienced the kind of love that can explode your heart. I’ve climbed mountains and traveled the globe. I’ve built four successful businesses in three countries. I’ve made six figures with integrity. 

I've helped yogis, truckers and millionaires re-design their lives, create abundance and reclaim their freedom. 

It would be my honour to dance with you. 

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