The DDA private coaching and consulting packages are designed to give you a high level of individual attention and support in creating the business and life that you desire.

Please read the guidelines below and follow the steps to get set up. 

I am deeply looking forward to diving in together! 

If you have any questions, please send me an email. 



GETTING SET UP: Please download and fill out the What Rocks Your World Questionnaire and email it to me. This is a comprehensive form designed to give you insights and provide me with valuable  information for our work together. *Very Important* Please download this document to your desktop and RE-OPEN it before typing any of your information into it. Otherwise, your work may not save properly. Please do a test before filling out the full document. Please email this to Leah as soon as it's complete. 

SESSION SCHEDULING: Your session will be individually booked and you will receive email notifications with your Zoom Links. Please add these dates and links to your calendar.  

CALL IN DETAILS: Your session will take place on ZOOM. You have the choice of whether you would like to use video or NO video. 

Zoom, a free video conferencing software. available for download here. You will have the choice between audio only or video for your session. You can use Zoom one of two ways, you desktop or through your smartphone on the Zoom app. 

Connect using Zoom from your Desktop: You will receive your Zoom link in your call email reminder. Simply select this link, it will trigger you to sign into your zoom account and then the call will load and begin.


Session Preparation: Each month, it's recommended that you fill out and send your MONTHLY ROAD MAP to Leah in advance of our session and ensure that you spend a few minutes getting really clear on what key areas you would like to focus on. 

Communication: Please use email as the main medium for communication. Urgent matters: If you have an urgent matter inside standard business hours. Please email Leah with the subject title: Urgent:.......... If you have an urgent matter outside of standard business hours, please text me at 604-741-4184.  Please only text Leah in case of something pressing.

Session Schedule Changes: Please consider your Strategy Session a non-negotiable meeting and book it into your calendar accordingly. Of course, there are occasional schedule challenges, Leah will  always endeavour to accommodate your schedule change. To change your call schedule, please contact Cindy directly at and copy Leah on your request.

Confidentiality: Absolutely everything is held in strict confidence. 


Please select the payment option below based on package that you have chosen. A receipt will be provided to you through Paypal for your records.