where who I am meets what I do…


I’m a soul searchin’ strategic planning partner, professional organizer and speaker. I am eternally fascinated by what makes people groove. I am a mom, partner and woman in hot pursuit of the multi-layered answer to one very important question…

What does it truly take to THRIVE in your life?

My journey as an entrepreneur began over twenty years ago and I deeply understand just how hard it can be to navigate the intimate details of our lives while trying to grow a sustainable, profitable business or career. I have successfully worked with and owned businesses in Australia, England, Japan and Canada in health and wellness, off shore finances, marketing, import / export and education with a very short stint packing mangoes in the desert.

I have also experienced tremendous loss, emotional abuse and spent years struggling with my self esteem and body image. I chose the socially acceptable workaholic path vs. many other options.

I was truly passionate about the businesses that I owned but I now know that it was easier for me to choose work instead of my life. It may not be your story but like many I fell into the trap of spending most of my time working, with not enough time, clarity or energy to truly nurture my life…

Upon returning to Canada, a series of divine synchronistic events led me to launch DEFINE, DESIGN, ALIGN (Formerly Organized To Thrive) on the breathtaking Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Jump five, full years ahead  and I have had the absolute pleasure of working with hundreds of truly courageous people in reclaiming their lives and businesses so that they can achieve tangible, sustainable success.

Having worked with creative individuals and business owners like you, across the globe, I have observed that many are passionate and powerful idea generators but they get tangled in the details and their patterns personally and professionally. They aren’t always able to identify the best way to put their concepts into action, maximize their limited resources or release what’s truly blocking their path – only to reach a fraction of their potential.

I have uncovered simple, effective yet imperative strategies and developed programs to radically redefine your relationship with your life, your work and empower you to create a healthier work/life harmony.

Fearlessly uncovering your purpose and following your dreams takes courage and perseverance. It doesn’t take more work, it takes doing something different.

The simple decision to embrace a different way generates the momentum that attracts everything you need; the information, solutions, resources and energy to move forward in ways that you never imagined possible. Through my journey; the hills and valleys, I now have a greater affirmed belief that you have the choice and opportunity to create anything in your life, with integrity and joy. All you need to do is trust (no small feat), say yes (you can start with a whisper) and lean into it.

With deep gratitude,