Design a thriving, sustainable business,
and a life you love

You are fiercely passionate with a purpose-driven business and a gift that the world needs.

You're done with information overload and quick fix solutions that leave you overwhelmed, stuck and on your own.

You deeply crave something that gives you more time, money, clarity, creativity and ultimately freedom. 

You know in your heart that it can be easier to close that gap between what you're experiencing now and the results you want. You just can't quite get there. 

There is a way to do things differently. It starts with your decision to become the driving force in your life and work.  Whether you want to...

  • work less and reclaim your time
  • simplify your life and focus on what truly matters 
  • streamline your services and grow your business
  • build your brand and make more money
  • or finally stop chasing that dangling carrot 

You've landed in the right place, and I'm so glad you are here! 


The DDA Method is a profoundly effective 7 step process that teaches you how to shift from feeling strapped for time, overwhelmed and unfocused. It helps you radically change the way you show up, think strategically, and make empowered decisions with a plan so you quickly and soulfully re-shape your world. 

Hundreds of discerning individuals and business owners have applied this method to their lives and businesses, empowering themselves to reclaim their time, and create freedom on their terms. See how you can, too.


"Working with Leah has been one of the most important steps in growing my business. "
- Suzanne Doyle Ingram, Publisher, Best Selling Author 

"Leah has been instrumental in supporting me to create a business and life that I love. I would not be where I am without her fierce devotion to my process and journey." - Tanis Frame, Leadership Coach

"In less than a year, I completely re-branded my business, created my new website, increased my social presence, and launched my online program with huge success."
- Stephanie Wood EFT Specialist and Master Trainer 

I will help you change your experience and build a business and life that truly reflects who you are, on your terms.

I'm a business strategist and lifestyle designer. I have been an entrepreneur for over twenty years with businesses across the globe in health, marketing, import, education and offshore finance.

I’ve independently raised an amazing kid, climbed mountains and made six figures with integrity.

I’ve also been lost, crushed by self doubt, known the razor-sharp blade of abuse and the desperation of bankruptcy. Suffering and I were once on a first-name basis.

Until I chose differently.

I've had the honour of helping hundreds of courageous, savvy, discerning individuals and entrepreneurs reclaim their time and make their impossible dreams - possible. It would be my pleasure to connect with you.

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