Where who I am
meets what I do...

I’m a soul-searching business and life strategist, serial entrepreneur, professional organizer, writer, speaker and independent mom. I love humans (and my dog Merlin) and I’m wildly fascinated by what makes us groove.

For most of my life, I’ve been in hot pursuit of the multi-layered answer to the following... What does it really mean and what does it take to truly thrive?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over twenty years. I’ve owned businesses in Australia, England, Japan and Canada in health and wellness, marketing, import/export, and education, worked in the offshore financial industry with a 2-day stint packing mangoes in the desert.

And you could say this girl has a few life experiences and lessons under her belt… loss, emotional abuse, financial devastation, and years struggling with my self-esteem and body image.

For years, I spent most of my time working, ensuring I didn’t have the capacity, clarity or energy I needed to truly nurture my life. I lived mostly in my head, which kept me safe – not only from the pain that was yearning to be healed but the intimacy, abundance, freedom, joy and magic that resides in that same place.

I get just how hard it can be to navigate the intimate dance of this life while cultivating presence and growing a profitable, passion-fuelled business or career.

What I know for sure is that your business will only grow relative to how much you do personally and the level of radical responsibility you are willing to take. You are the only one who has the power to write your story.

I have had the absolute pleasure of helping hundreds of courageous, wildly spirited, uber-savvy individuals, business owners, artists, yogis, design mavens, health experts, and healers – each with a unique gift that the world needs -  to reclaim their lives, evolve their businesses and create freedom on their terms.

I have developed simple methods, strategies, and practices to not only help you get where you deeply want to go but empower you to radically redefine how you show up, navigate and experience your journey...with clarity, ease, and joy!

Unveiling your purpose and pursuing your dreams takes courage and perseverance… It doesn’t take more work... 

It takes saying YES, TRUSTING and DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT - I’ll show you how.


I’ve been lost in the woods
I’ve known the razor-sharp blade of abuse
I’ve crumbled with energetic erosion
I’ve been crushed by self doubt
I’ve lived with chronic pain and assholes
I know the desperation of bankruptcy
Suffering and I were once on a first-name basis.

And …

I’ve raised an amazing boy
I’ve experienced the kind of love that can explode your heart
I’ve built four successful businesses in three countries
I’ve made six figures with integrity
I’ve helped yogis, truckers and millionaires reclaim their freedom
I’ve climbed mountains and travelled the globe...

I’ve changed my story... and you can too.



Morning matcha, my son reading to me, my dog’s breath, my father’s hug, girlfriends that rock, great lighting, white walls, wicked photography, kick-ass courageous clients, vanilla, La Petite Souris Chocolate, my Libre Tea Glass, Pilates, sunshine, sexy boots, stillness, strength + vulnerability, flip flops, crazy ideas, Vega shakes, integrity, grace, dancing – anytime, anywhere – road trips, house music, coconut oil, acronyms, true stories, that moment when the impossible becomes possible.