Visual Artist & Lion Slayer

When I met Leah I was working at being a full-time artist. I had achieved a certain measure of success but had reached a plateau — I wanted to start presenting my practice more like a business but didn’t know how. I needed guidance to push me beyond my limitations (a lot of which were self-imposed, as it turns out).

Leah’s DDA Method is a potent combination of guided navel gazing, practical business tools, and unbridled community support. I learned the ways (oh, the many ways!) in which I was holding myself back and, more importantly, I learned methods that helped me shift long-standing patterns of behaviour that were keeping me stuck on that plateau I hated.

The icing on the cake? The transition from struggling away at my business in isolation to working alongside a brilliant community of endlessly supportive, amazing entrepreneurs. The wit, intelligence, and generosity of the DDA Community knows no bounds.

Since working with Leah and implementing the DDA methods and tools I’ve become laser focused and more productive. The best part, though, is how I FEEL about my art practice and my decision to be a full-time artist. I spent so many years being frustrated, discouraged, and mostly unhappy. Now I’m learning how to work for myself (no more trash-talking the employee – me!), rekindle the love affair with my art practice, and hone in on those things that truly bring me joy in my life and business.

Leah showed me how to turn plateaus into springboards – easily the best investment I’m making in myself.

– Jody MacDonald