Design a thriving, sustainable business,
and a life you love

designed for you — a discerning, intuitive entrepreneur who's ready to become the architect of your business and life

  • You have a vision of a thriving business but no time to create a plan so you're spinning in the daily grind.
  • You're overwhelmed with decisions so you don't know what to do next — build a new website, raise your rates, or hire an assistant.
  • You're in the closet with your finances and stressed about money so you can't make solid financial decisions with confidence.
  • You're spending most of your time on things that are not your strengths so the tech challenges, staff issues, and the hours of DIY learning are sucking the passion out of you.
  • You're brilliant at what you do but you can't seem to articulate a clear enough message so you're not attracting your ideal clients.
  • You're stuck with outdated limiting stories about the money you can make and what's possible for your business so you keep sabotaging your success. 

You're deflated from the unprecedented roller coaster of this last year and tired of doing it all on your own! 

You know there must be an easier way.

I knew I didn’t want struggle for years in building my business,  and working with Leah was my express ticket past all of that. Her encouragement and at times, tough love has opened doors for me that I never knew I could get to, let alone walk through gracefully.
— Lindyn Williams

What if it was possible to redesign your business so that it
truly supports the life you want to live? 


Leah Goard gazing at the ocean
  • Having a clear vision and strategic customized plan that's deeply rooted in your core values so you can make decisions with confidence and get things done.
  • Building your business foundation, organizing your systems, and having a team so you spend more of your time doing what you love.
  • Designing a profitable business that reflects the value you deliver — serving your clients and customers better, and hitting your revenue goals with ease.
  • Creating a powerful brand and message that clearly articulates your brilliance so that you become magnetic to your ideal clients.
  • Shifting your limiting stories so you finally end the struggle to create real, sustainable freedom.
  • Having a weekly routine that you love and clear boundaries so you spend more time enjoying your loved ones and your life.

You're in the right place!


An intimate 12-month mastermind experience focused on building the architecture of your thriving business and life. You'll receive business training, laser-focused strategy and coaching, skill development, and implementation accountability...

so you finally step into the driver's seat.

What you get in the DDA Business Academy


  • The DDA Core Curriculum: Knowledge and skills to effectively grow your business. Understand all the moving parts of your business and the foundation strategies of the essential business pillars. 
  • Live Coaching Calls:  Immediate answers to your pressing questions. Structured hot seat coaching and strategy circles with Leah, the DDA team, and your peers.  
  • Implementation Sessions: Taking action is the cornerstone of your success.  Co-working sessions with built-in feedback, support, and accountability so you get things done! 
  • Monthly Road Mapping Sessions & Planning Retreats: Have customized plan and flexible planning method to follow! Dynamic sessions designed to build your plan and keep you fiercely focused on your highest priorities.
  • Quarterly Check Ins: Direct coaching and accountability to stay on track. Every 90 days you'll submit a check in to ensure that you have the strategy and support you need.
  • Personalized Feedback: Never get stuck on what to do or write again. You will submit pieces of work for review and feedback such as: your offer, a sales page, your new logo, or your newsletter.  
  • Private Community and The DDA Network:  You are not meant to do this alone!  Join like-minded, heart-centered peers empowering and celebrating each other. This is where ideas gain traction, referrals are found, deep friendships are born, and magic happens.

The entire business development training and templates, over 12 hours a month of direct live strategy and support and 10 hours of personalized feedback and one-one strategy!
Because we know what's required to truly transform your business!  

Registration is open!

Working with Leah in the DDA Business Academy has up-leveled all areas of my life. I’ve increased value delivered to my clients and revenue and I’ve started pursuing things I love again. If you’re ready to get serious about your business, this is it! - Victoria Gazeley Web Designer and Online Strategist 

I can’t recommend Leah and The DDA Business Academy enough and I do every chance I get. I’ll never forget the day I called Leah overwhelmed with running a small business on my own. That call was the best thing I ever did for my business. I now feel empowered and fully aligned in my work. - Julie Starsage, Acupuncturist 

This is the game changer you are looking for. Leah Goard and The DDA Business Academy have transformed how I work in the world. I have accomplished many things because but most profound was the reclamation about money. You can’t be anything but successful when Leah’s in your corner.  - Cindy Stockdale, Energy Artist  



If you've ever struggled to figure out why your business is not thriving, how all the moving parts fit together and what you should do next — you're not alone!


THERE ARE SIX CORE PILLARS THAT ARE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS. But unfortunately, many programs focus only on one or two core pillars (like branding and marketing) and if the other pillars in your business (like your financials, pricing and service structure) are not rock solid then your business can't thrive — and neither will you.

is that you receive the blueprint for strategically designing the ecosystem of your business AND receive a massive amount of direct guidance, coaching and implementation support.


*Each comprehensive training includes workbooks, specific how-to videos, copy
and paste templates, and tools.


  • Step into an expanded vision of what's possible for you
  • Strategically design your business and life with a concrete plan
  • Craft your new empowered schedule so you reclaim your time 
  • Shift your limiting stories so you get out of your own way 🙂  
  • Identify and implement systems, support, and new habits so you get consistent results
  • Integrate new measurements of success and the power of celebration 

Included: The exclusive digital and hard cover DDA Planner


  • Finally figure out your business financials so you feel empowered with your money     
  • Define your next level of success and design your revenue map 
  • Shift your money stories so you stop stressing and start experiencing abundance immediately
  • Know and track your numbers so you can make smart, strategic financial decisions with confidence
  • Stop de-valuing yourself and your work, change your pricing strategy, and reclaim your power
  • Establish money systems, habits, and rituals so you stay on track 

Included: Master Money Cashflow Templates, Revenue Map,  Monthly Money Road Map, and additional financial resources.


  • Understand your business systems so you know where to focus first
  • Create and implement new policies and procedures to streamline your business
  • Create a standard operating procedure manual so your business runs smoothly 
  • Understand your strengths and what your role REALLY is so you can build out your team
  • Create an organizational chart  (YES, even solo-preneurs need this)
  • Create roles and job descriptions to support your business growth

Included: Business Systems Checklist, SOP Template, Chart Templates 


  • Design your business model so you spend more time doing what you love
  • Get crystal clear on your ideal client so you can deeply serve them
  • Understand your customer journey and create offers that extend the lifetime of your clients 
  • Simplify and structure your offers - courses, packages, and products so they leverage your time
  • Price your offers so that they are in alignment with the value delivered
  • Serve your clients better while generating more revenue

Included:  Ideal Client Avatar,  Product Service Design Templates, Group Offer & Course Design 


  • Understand the essential elements of your brand so you show up with confidence 
  • Increase your brand positioning and consistency 
  • Create your Brand Style Guide so you know exactly how to create consistently powerfully market your business (SUPER valuable and makes EVERYTHING easier) 
  • Understand the REAL transformation you're providing so you can clearly articulate your message
  • Write your brand promise and unique compelling story so you expand engagement with your potential clients 

Included: Brand Style Guide Template (Canva) and training videos, Brand Checklist, Brand Strategy Workbook, Brand and Website Planner


  • Identify your real marketing barriers so you can find the right solutions
  • Use marketing strategies that you actually feel good about 
  • Create a simple, powerful content marketing plan, editorial calendar and social media schedule that's easy to use  
  • Implement value based marketing campaigns to build your list  
  • Create marketing assets to make it easier to share your work 
  • Create website pages and emails using copywriting that inspires action with integrity  

Included: Marketing Plan Template, Content Planning Guide & Template, Social Media Scheduling Template, Instagram Training Bundle with Jennie Biltek, Launch Marketing Training & Templates, Launch Email Sequence Templates, Website Copy Templates, Social Media Templates  


Joining The DDA Business Academy is the best decision I have made and I would not be where I am today without it, Leah, and the DDA Community.  It has provided me with new skills, knowledge and tools. Leah's compassion, empathy and ability to recognize the things holding me back and help me to move past them is a true gift and the incredible community supports and inspires me everyday! - Donna Hall, Executive Career Coach

Hands down, working with Leah and being part of The DDA Business Academy has been a game changer, both for my business and for me personally. What really makes working with Leah special is the way she generously supports her clients. She has helped me move big rocks in my business and supported me through some of the hardest months of my life. My best piece of advice is to consider this program. - Karla Shields, CEO, The Seasoned Kitchen 

I'm exceeding my financial goals and I am excited every day to go to work. The DDA Business Academy and Methods get right to the core of what needs to be done to shift you to a place of success. I have gone from a “shy”, unsure person to a confident CEO getting shit done! I no longer work crazy hours.  The best thing is how much happier and more confident I am. - Lorraine Caple, Tapestry Gardens

The DDA Business Academy and Method has been a game-changer. In less than a year, I completely re-branded my business, created my new website, increased my social presence and launched my new online program with huge success. - Stephanie Wood EFT Specialist and Master Trainer 

Leah and the DDA community have been instrumental in having created my business and life that I love. I would not be where I am without her fierce devotion to my process and journey. You'll receive everything you need to take you straight into your powerfully aligned business and life.   - Tanis Frame, Leadership Coach, Thrive Catalyst, Play Evangelist 


I'm a business strategist and lifestyle designer, the creator of The DDA Method and CEO of THE DEFINE DESIGN ALIGN CO.

I've been an entrepreneur for over two decades, owned successful businesses in four countries in health, marketing, import, education, and offshore finance with a brief stint packing mangoes in the desert. 🙂 

I’ve also been lost, crushed by self-doubt, lived with chronic pain and assholes and know the desperation of bankruptcy. Suffering and I were once on a first-name basis. 

And… I’ve independently raised an amazing kid. I’ve climbed mountains and traveled the globe. I've built an amazing business and community that consistently generates six figures with integrity.

I've had the absolute pleasure of helping hundreds of courageous, uber-savvy business owners,  reclaim their lives, align their businesses and create freedom on their terms. It would be my honour to dance with you.

The DDA Academy is a life changing curriculum.  The support, accountability, and strategies inspired me to deeply expand my vision and supported me to launch The Grateful Jar Project and positioned me for success. Leah was an integral part of the unfolding.  - Krystin Clark, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker

Leah is deeply committed to the women in the DDA Academy succeeding on their own terms. Not only does she provide proven methods for the development and growth of your business, she's interested in supporting you as a woman, mother, partner, friend, and community member. - Jennie Alexis Multi-passionate Creatrix

Tzaddi Gordon

The investment in The DDA Business Academy and working with Leah has paid off many times over. My business was stressful and I struggled with shame that I didn't have "it" figured out. The DDA Business Academy helped me understand the gaps and also realize that we're all in a continuous state of refining our life and business.  Tzaddi Gordon, Creative Director and Artist 

After only six months working with Leah – the results are significant. My business almost doubled! She helped me create easy to navigate systems for every aspect of my company. I organized my finances, built a training manual, a customer experience care package, a blog, online shop and brand aligned  social media.   - Tanya Droege, CEO, Sealuxe 

I increased my revenue by 25% and two things I had listed on my “$5 million/ideal life vision” both came to fruition. The skills I’ve learned over the course of a very short period of time have been game changers. I wanted more ease and financial freedom into my life and business — all of which have come to fruition.  - Victoria Maxwell, Speaker and Wellness Warrior

This year I am on track to earning triple my revenue from previous years. The best part – I have not sacrificed my health, time with family or for myself.  I knew that I had to grow my business to create financial sustainability, but had no real vision of what this could look like. Leah and The DDA Academy helped me to transition from clinician to businesswoman.  – Lisa Cytrynbaum, Speech-Language Therapist

Working with Leah through The DDA Business Academy I completely revamped my business and my personal life.  I turned my scattered distributorship business into a re-designed, internationally manufactured, stand-alone brand that's exceeding expectations. The DDA Methods are a fantastic set of tools to rejig  your world with!  - Alex Anglin, CEO Puddlegear

After years of waiting, I successfully launched and filled my online signature program and reached my revenue goals! The training, support, guidance and accountability inside the DDA Business Academy has fundamentally helped me to change the way I show up. run my business and live my life.  - Terri Cramb, T Fit

Leah challenged me to dig deep and create a business that aligns with what feels authentic for me. I’ve changed my relationship to work, have total clarity in my vision, and the next steps to follow are the ones that light me up!  - Amy Kubanek, Creative Body Coaching




 I was incredibly supported in very tangible ways such as marketing, finances and branding, but the overriding theme to Leah’s work is really a gentle stripping away of your stories and silencing of those internal critics that hold you back from realizing your dreams. I’ve sold my work, have paintings in private collections and I have hosted Art & Yoga Retreats in Spain. My intangible but priceless results: clarity, focus. joy and confidence.

- Marlene Lowden



  • The DDA Method Training and Planning System ($600)
  • The DDA Planner (Digital & Hard Copy) ($90)
  • The Entire Business Training ($4500)
  • Monthly Road Mapping Sessions ($1500)
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls ($2500)
  • Weekly Implementation Sessions ($2500) 
  • Mid Year Road Mapping Retreat ($300)
  • Annual Year Road Mapping Retreat ($300)
  • Quarterly Check In ($400)
  • Personalized Feedback ($750)
  • 12 Months of Coaching & Access to Leah ($5500)
  • Wildly Supportive Private Community (Priceless)
  • A few surprises along the way

Over $20,000
Your investment is a fraction of this  


(Strategy Call with Leah to support your your customized road map)

(Direct private coaching & strategy when you need it)

12 Monthly Payments of

  • Price in CAD or USD based on location

Pay in Full

  • Price in CAD or USD based on location


If you have another question or you're not sure if The DDA Business Academy is right for you at this time, I'm more than happy to connect! Please send me an email at


This is for you if you are ready
to go all in

The truth is that life is messy, imperfect and bloody hard sometimes! That part is not going to change. There's no magic pill that's going to land you at the end of the rainbow but there really is a different way — a better way to experience and create what you most desire. 

This path is yours to walk, which will require you to: 

  • Take radical responsibility for every experience and result in your business and life
  • Re-define what IS possible and deepen your devotion to making it happen
  • Spend time and energy to master the methods and do your work
  • Say "no, thank you," to everything that isn’t serving you
  • Shift the stories that are blocking your success and get out of your own way
  • Get comfortable living outside your comfort zone which is where the magic happens
  • Take inspired imperfect action and do some things very differently – over and over again

Transformation happens in the moment by moment DECISIONS you make and ACTIONS you take that bring you closer to the life you want or further away... the choice is yours. 

I know it's a commitment. 

I'm asking you to be ALL IN and I'm going ALL IN with you! 

Let's do this!