A unique, simple practice that has the power to significantly shift the way you feel, spark creativity and help you reach your goals. 

At the heart of building your capacity to be the driving force in your life, work and business are your habits, rituals and what I call your CEO practices.

Those consistent practices that return you to being centered, empowered and open on a daily and often moment by moment basis, so you are making decisions and taking actions from a place that is anchored in your wisdom and truth.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through the simple yet profound practice of daily journaling.

Countless studies have demonstrated that journaling for a short time each day will help you: 

  • significantly reduce stress
  • improve your immune system
  • enhance your emotional function
  • boosts mindfulness
  • sparks your creativity 
  • achieve your goals

There are several ways to journal from free flow stream of consciousness writing to answering structured, repetitive questions each day.

The DDA Guide to Journaling gives you the simple, powerful framework and process that I have developed over many years and shared with great success with many clients. It's designed to help you reflect, gather insights, make sense of your world, set goals and intentions… that may come to fruition - often in surprising ways.

As with all the DDA methods and tools, the key is to stretch yourself to try out the ones that not only resonate with you but are also a catalyst to think and act in new ways – then adjust them to work for you.  

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Here's to a greater sense of clarity and creativity!   

I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I'm a lifestyle designer and business strategist and for the last decade I've intimately worked with hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs and individuals.  

I’ve helped individuals, organizations, yogis, truckers and millionaires re-design their lives and businesses, create abundance and reclaim their freedom. 

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