The power to transform your experience is anchored in changing your stories

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 Your stories - the subconscious beliefs you hold to be true -
are the driving force in how you experience, interpret
and respond to everything around you and the results you achieve.

During times of stress and uncertainty, your stories will surface very quickly and will often become a great source of discomfort and anxiety and will rob you of your sense of trust, peace and ability to effectively decision make.

With the stress of this hard season we are in, it's like a giant spotlight switched on, shining directly on the unconscious stories blocking your light.

Stories like....

  • You have to work 24/7  to be of value 
  • Everything is beyond your control
  • You're responsible for taking care of everyone else 
  • You're going to lose your financial freedom  
  • It's not okay to have success when so many are suffering


A profoundly simple and effective method to quickly and easily change your stories so you feel more at ease,   can make empowered decisions and take proactive steps forward... in as little as a minute.

The DDA SHIFT Method will help you...

  • Move from overwhelm into focus
  • Turn chaos into peace
  • Move from scarcity into abundance
  • Change insecurities into confidence
  • Get out of your own way 
  • Transform fear into next steps  

This wildly simple little method is a game changer. It will empower you SHIFT into action in minutes and navigate this challenging season with more ease and clarity.

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Tzaddi Gordon

The DDA SHIFT Method has helped me get out of my own way more times than I can count. It's a simple to learn yet tremendously powerful tool for personal transformation and professional growth. - Tzaddi Gordon, Design Strategist

Krystin Clark

I've used The DDA SHIFT Method for five years. It's been a game changer. It works with my internal dialogue and stories of limitation, as well as my interactions with others.  The more you SHIFT the faster the process works and soon it's second nature. - Krystin Clark, Award Winning Author and Speaker

Cindy Stockdale

The DDA Shift Method is an exceptional way to identify what you believe, to honour how you feel and then rewrite your story, the one you want to tell yourself and the world.  This truly  potent process has been instrumental to wake up to what is really possible for me by breaking through some serious limitations. - Cindy Stockdale, Business Manager, Magic Maker

Caroline Freedman

The DDA SHIFT Method centers me. It reduces my swirling mind and anxiety and helps me to remember what I really want. Once the focus has shifted I can quickly take aligned actions with so much more grace. It's truly life changing!  - Caroline Carson, Realtor

Wendy Weir

The DDA SHIFT Method has provided me a solution I can use that is easy to practice and so effective at shifting the way I see my world. It's an essential tool for becoming more conscious and truly happier as I align my stories with my truth. - Wendy Weir, Libre Tea

Only you have the power to choose your experience, decide how you are going to show up and who you will be as you emerge from this new season.

About Leah

I'm a business strategist and lifestyle designer. An entrepreneur for over twenty years with businesses across the globe in health, marketing, import, education and offshore finance.

I’ve independently raised an amazing kid, climbed mountains and made six figures with integrity.

I’ve also been lost, crushed by self doubt and felt the desperation of bankruptcy. Suffering and I were once on a first-name basis.

Until I chose differently.

I've had the honour of helping hundreds of courageous, savvy, discerning individuals and entrepreneurs make their impossible - possibleIt would be my honour to dance with you. 

Leah and her dog smiling at the viewer

        Sign up and receive immediate access to the workshop!

*You can easily unsubscribe at anytime.