Go beyond your basic Summer Bucket List and design this season
to be your best summer experience!

The summer season can bring long, relaxed, free flowing summer nights right alongside full schedules and the pressure to entertain visitors, keep kids active and plan trips while meeting important business objectives.

What can easily get lost in the kick off to this season is taking the time to get crystal clear on the experience you want, how you want to feel and what you want to do so you don't wrap this summer feeling wrung out!

Which is why it's time to set things down and take a moment to walk through this powerful practice so you are deeply rooted before the summer winds pick up.

Your Summer Bucket List is NOT just a list of things to do.

It’s a call to reflect, focus on the meaningful experiences that you want to create and become devoted to your real priorities in a whole new way.



By the end of this short powerful process you will:

  • Identify your summer theme
  • Get crystal clear on how you're devoted to feeling
  • Anchor in your true priorities
  • Write your personal and business bucket list
  • Know your potential blocks so you set yourself up for success!

You'll receive:

  • Your Summer Bucket List Workbook
  • Your Summer Bucket List Template with four themed examples in two social media formats
  • Your invitation to join the giveaway!


Share this template with your family, partner or team! Use it as a way to connect and really understand their summer desires so everyone has a great experience.  

Summer Bucket List Giveaway! (Runs until June 30th)
If you create your Summer Bucket List template, post it on social media (Facebook, Instagram, IG Stories) and tag me (@leahgoard) in it, you'll be entered into the summer draw to win a Private Road Mapping Session with me to help you solidify your strategic summer plans, The DDA Planner & Planning System and The DDA Manifesto Journal (Value: Over $750)

Here's to designing your summer adventures around what you most desire!


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I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I'm a lifestyle designer and business strategist and for the last decade I've intimately worked with hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs and individuals.  

I’ve helped individuals, organizations, yogis, truckers and millionaires re-design their lives and businesses, create abundance and reclaim their freedom. 

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