Expand your business growth and financial independence by transforming your money stories.



YES! I want the key to reaching my money goals!  

Your stories — the subconscious beliefs you hold to be true —
are a major driving force in your business and your bottom line.

This is for you if... 

  • You keep hitting the same financial ceiling whether that's $25,000 or $250,000
  • You avoid consistently looking at your money whether you have it or you don't
  • Your rates are out of alignment with the value of your offers so you're working too hard
  • You have trouble making confident financial decisions so you're always second guessing yourself
  • You can't stick to your new money habits so you're losing trust in yourself
  • You're saying all the abundance affirmations and praying to the money gods but the money just isn't flowing


During times of uncertainty and growth and expansion, your limiting stories will impact your ability to reach your next level of financial independence.


Stories like...

  • Making money is really hard
  • I have to work 24/7 to be financially successful 
  • Making money means sacrificing something I value
  • I'll never make enough doing what I love
  • I can't raise my rates even though they're out of alignment
  • It's not okay to have financial success when so many are suffering

* And sometimes the stories that are really blocking your financial freedom are not directly related to money!   


You know creating financial independence IS possible
but something just keeps getting in the way... 


In this masterclass you'll identify your limiting money stories and learn The DDA SHIFT Method so you quickly shift your stories to make empowered financial decisions and take action with more clarity and ease.

Your Money Story Masterclass will help you... 

    • Move from financial overwhelm into focus
    • Change your relationship with your business 
    • Be more confident with your financial decisions 
    • Transform financial fear into next steps  
    • Become more financially empowered 

If you're ready to really understand your relationship with money and quickly move through your money blocks...
This FREE MASTERCLASS is for you!

Alexa Jade Houle

WOW! This masterclass was a deep and powerful dive into my money stories, and helped me start to unhook their grasp on my life. This work is transformative and Leah's approach is gentle and direct. The space she created was welcoming and inspiring.  - Alexa Jade Houle, Actor, Artist, Filmmaker


I LOVED this generous masterclass! Super valuable info! I'm excited to start doing money dates, keep a money journal, do a collage/vision board AND I'm raising my course prices which feels scary but also super good! - Nicole Breit


The DDA Shift Method is an exceptional way to identify what programming you have running in the background. By figuring out what stories were driving my financial behaviour, I have been able to take charge of my money, dissolve my scarcity mindset, and pay back thousands in debt.  - Cindy Stockdale, Light Journeys, Energy Artist


I'm a business strategist and lifestyle designer and the CEO of THE DEFINE DESIGN ALIGN CO.

I've been an entrepreneur for over two decades, built successful six figure businesses with integrity in four countries in health, marketing, import, education, and offshore finance.

I’ve independently raised an amazing kid, climbed mountains, traveled the globe and created an amazing community. 

I’ve also been lost, crushed by self-doubt, lived with chronic pain and assholes and know the desperation of bankruptcy. Suffering and I were once on a first-name basis.

Until I changed my story. 

It's been an absolute pleasure to help hundreds of courageous business owners reclaim their lives, align their businesses and create freedom. 

It would be my honour to dance with you. 


  • 2 Hour Masterclass with Q&A 
  • The DDA Money Story Workbook 
  • The DDA SHIFT Method Downloads: Worksheet, MP3, Screensavers
  • Bonus: The DDA Monthly Money Road Map so you stay fiercely focused on your money 

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I spent years hiding from my money, both when I had it and when I didn’t. Through the DDA SHIFT Method, I was able to unravel the money stories, anxiety and fear of the truth of my numbers. An interesting thing happens when you change your relationship to your money and put your attention somewhere… that’s where the abundance starts to flow! – Karla Shields, Owner, The Seasoned Kitchen

Steve Wright

Leah’s money masterclass was a pure and palpable reminder that the path to financial abundance is directly connected to the idea of letting go of the struggle and letting things come to you instead. It’s a “person taking back your power” kind of approach shared with a genuine passion for seeing results in others lives. - Steve Wright, Artist/Musician

Annerose Lutz

Taking The Money Story Masterclass was eye opening. I could not believe how quickly the time went and I learned and uncovered old beliefs I didn’t know I had. Leah supported this soul searching process incredibly well with providing facts and giving us tools how to work through our own obstacles. - Annerose Lutz, Artist and Creative

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