The Power of Reflection {Your Free Mid-Year Workbook}

It’s easy to land in July and wonder where the last six months have gone?

Add in the distractions of summer… kids on vacation, out of town visitors and that sunshine calling you to play, makes it hard to feel focused and grounded in where you’ve been and where you are going.

Which is precisely why this is the perfect time to pause, reflect and celebrate. 

There are numerous studies that confirm that reflection plays a key role in boosting productivity and focus as well as happiness.

Reflection gives you valuable insights by understanding what’s working and not working, gives you benchmarks for measurement, provides structure, a sense of completion and an opportunity to celebrate.

Reflection is a critical part of how you learn.

A new study published by the Harvard Business School reveals reflection to be a powerful mechanism behind learning, confirming the words of American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer John Dewey: “We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.”

Reflection is key to your success. 

So, here is your invitation to grab a cold iced tea, find a quiet shady spot and fill out your MID YEAR REVIEW AND REFLECTION  so you can land before your launch into the second half of the year.

Download the newly designed EDITABLE PDF TEMPLATE and type in the template or print it and hand write your answers. * VERY IMPORTANT* Make sure you download the template to your desktop and re-open it to type in the fields, otherwise, your content won’t save.

Here’s to honouring your journey and the bumps in the road and celebrating all that you have navigated this year!

And in case you are feeling a little behind in life, as we often do, this workbook is going to help you unveil that you have accomplished way more than you think you have and that you… and all that you do, is more than enough!