redefine your priorities & change your experience

One of the most powerful ways to change your experience is to re-define your priorities.

We tend to define our priorities in terms of actions like going to the gym, meeting client deadlines, saving money etc. This keeps you focused on checklists & to do’s but can leave you with the sense that something meaningful is missing. What we truly crave is a feeling that we expect our checklists & actions will give to us. But as you know, the actions never cease & the checklists go on for a lifetime.  

What if you re-defined your non-negotiable priorities in terms of how you want to feel instead of what you do? What if feeling great (empowered, grounded, joyful, loving, connected) was your number one non-negotiable priority that superseded everything else?

Then from this starting point, you took the actions that support how you want to feel. 

You could choose to gracefully say “no thank you” to the commitments that stretch your schedule & leave you exhausted.  You could choose to feel good about telling your family what you need from them, space, help, play. 

The most powerful gift you can give yourself is to embrace being 100% responsible for how you feel & creating those experiences you so deeply desire. By doing so you will give those around you the same opportunity.   

When your mind starts swirling, your chest tightens & your body slumps then you know it’s time to stop whatever you are doing & remind yourself that feeling good is non-negotiable. Then do whatever it takes to shift. Let go, say no, re-frame, go for a walk… it’s your journey that is ultimately your destination.