Road Mapping Sessions

Clarity, strategic insights,
and your next aligned steps.  



Struggling to find clarity, overwhelmed with decisions, stuck on your next steps, unsure who to hire or want to explore a business idea?  

A Road Mapping Session is for you!


This deep-dive session explores where you are now, identifies your road blocks to clear, provides strategic insight, and assists you in mapping out your next steps.

Ideal to re-focus, re-align, solve a specific challenge, or set sail on your next adventure.

It's designed specifically to focus on your highest priority, such as:

  • Clarifying your business model
  • Financial strategies
  • Understanding and clearing your limiting stories
  • Decisions regarding your team
  • Mapping out your marketing steps or launch strategy
  • Determining your best next business move

You're provided with a follow up email that includes a summary, specific next steps, and access to the resources you need to move forward. Two weeks following your strategy session you will receive a follow up email to check in and ensure you're on track moving forward.

Road Mapping Sessions Include: 

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • Pre-session 30 minutes for document review
  • 60 minute strategy session on Zoom
  • Session recording to listen to anytime
  • Follow-up email outlining your next steps and strategy
  • Resources and templates to support your next steps
  • Follow up email two weeks after session


Heather Ingram

An hour with Leah is worth five hours with another consultant. I realized the direction I thought I wanted to take was actually not the one my heart wanted. Leah pinpointed my source of the resistance and helped me to address the source of the impasse. Her skill at asking pointed questions and gently guiding me to my own resolutions helped change the direction of my business and increase my revenue. – Heather Ingram

Tia Kelly

I've paid a pretty penny for business coaching in the past few years, and sometimes it felt like they completely missed seeing what I was about, or what would work for me in my business. In working with Leah, I was heard, seen, understood and then offered coaching, and business strategies that were inspiring to implement, that felt in complete alignment, and that actually paid off very quickly! – Tia Kelly, Creator of Epic Life Maps

Katherine Denham

Leah has an incredible way of hearing and seeing between the cracks of the internal chaos one may have in their business!! Leah is the best money spent in developing and organizing any busy business!! – Katherine Denham,  Kalijo Pilates


REGULAR INVESTMENT: $500.00 (Price in CAD or USD based on location)

***SPECIAL OFFER*** $250.00 or 2 payments of $125.00 (CAD or USD based on location)


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About Leah

I'm a business strategist and lifestyle designer. An entrepreneur for over twenty years with businesses across the globe in health, marketing, import, education and offshore finance.

I’ve independently raised an amazing kid, climbed mountains and made six figures with integrity.

I’ve also been lost, crushed by self doubt, known the razor-sharp blade of abuse and the desperation of bankruptcy. Suffering and I were once on a first-name basis.

Until I chose differently.

I've had the honour of helping hundreds of courageous, savvy, discerning individuals and entrepreneurs make their impossible - possibleIt would be my honour to dance with you. 

Leah and her dog smiling at the viewer