Your year may have been filled with momentum or as it has for many, it may have held many challenges along the road.

Maybe a bit of both.

One of the most powerful things you can do is to celebrate what worked, honour what didn't, acknowledge your courage and resilience and gain priceless insights and clarity for the year to come!  




"We don't learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience."
John Dewey



Over the last several years, hundreds of people have participated in the DDA Year End Wrap!  

When you sign up, you will receive a short video that walks you through this powerful process and you Year End Workbook to complete.


  • Explore what worked and honour what didn't
  • Dig up the treasures and lessons of the year
  • Celebrate your bumps and wins
  • Unveil and understand the stuff that stood in your way
  • Get clear on the magic you want to create in the new year
  • Clear your path for the year to come!

The beautiful thing is that you can do this on your own terms at anytime between now and the New Year.

My clients share with me time and again that this is by far one of their favourite, most valuable exercises as it provides such great insight, clarity, confidence and a deep sense of completion as they move into the year ahead. 

There's NO sales pitch or plug tucked into this free offer. When you sign up you will be opting into my DDA Dispatch -  newsletter that provides a wealth of free strategies, tools and tips designed to help you work smarter and create more freedom in your business and life. And you can opt out anytime!


Here's to celebrating and wrapping this year with courage and grace! 




I am a soul-searching business and life strategist, professional organizer and speaker. I am eternally fascinated by what makes people groove. For almost three decades, I've been in pursuit of the multi-layered answer to one very important question: What does it truly take to THRIVE in your business and life?

My journey as an entrepreneur began over twenty years ago, and I deeply understand how hard it can be to navigate the intimate details of your life while trying to grow a sustainable lifestyle and profitable business.  You can read more about my journey here.



“Leah offers practical tools that are easy to implement, immediately effective and spark natural extensions of my business to produce greater results. I’m thrilled to have been given this easy-to-execute plan that has reduced my stress and increased my productivity and creativity”
Victoria Maxwell, Award Winning Actress and Speaker,  Crazy For Life Co.


Your webinar was exactly what I needed to re-assess the big picture of what is important to me, and provided a strategic plan to help me get there. Three months later,  I’ve already achieved many of my relationship, money and personal growth goals. By committing my thoughts and deep feelings to paper, I worked towards those goals with ease and assurance that I am designing a life and business that is truly right for me.”  – Elena Verlee, PR In Your Pajamas & Cross Border Communications

“Total light-bulb moment for me, personally and business-wise and I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar! I felt like you were speaking right to me, and me alone.  It was like you were in my brain, clearing away the cobwebs that have kept me snarled up in inactivity. Thank you, Leah this couldn’t have come at a better time for me.”  – Angela Rae, Angela Rae Interior Design