Chocolate Master, Closeted Comedian

Maybe I can change, if only I take the time to figure out what I want to change into.” — a quote from my journal about four months before being gifted Leah’s Soul and Strategy program.

This happened at a time when I was desperate for a change in my life and was trying in many unsuccessful ways to make it happen. What I didn’t consciously realize, though had acknowledged in my journal, was that it wasn’t my life that needed to change.  It was me.

The Soul and Strategy program challenged me to evaluate many of my personal truths and decide if they were useful. What I learned about myself was invaluable and gave me incentive to begin working more closely with Leah’s DDA program.

Working with Leah initially helped me to address some personal and business situations that I simply didn’t know how to bring to completion.  She acted as a personal advocate and coached me through a financially tricky situation, landing me in a place I never thought possible.

As we continued, the DDA methods helped me to adjust my view on the things I thought I needed to achieve, my relationship with time,  and my relationship with myself.

It was difficult for me to believe that modest adjustments in thought could create such sizeable results.  But since I’ve started using the DDA methods my social awareness has changed, my sense of self has changed, and (I think) my brain has changed.

Professionally, my bottom line has changed, my skill set has grown, and my network has grown both in size and scope. Through the DDA community, I now have an information resource centre at my fingertips whenever I am challenged in business, which is invaluable.

Deciding that you are ready for a change is making a commitment to the unknown. Working with Leah is an agreement to cover your own uncharted territory.

Her premise that your professional life will never surpass your personal growth is an invitation to explore the life you’ve created for yourself — to acknowledge and celebrate the victories, but also examine and repair the deficiencies and the mindset and habits that create and perpetuate them.

Be ready to change both imperceptibly and infinitely.

– Amber Stoby