Artist, Creative Instigator, Author & Yogi

Before I started working with Leah, I was fumbling around. I had a dream of living as an artist and serving my community by offering art & yoga workshops but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I was especially unclear of how I would ever realize my dream of being a painter – that dream felt very “pie in the sky.”

Working with Leah and the DDA methods, I learned how to believe in myself. I felt incredibly supported in very real tangible ways such as marketing, finances and branding, but the overriding theme to Leah’s work is really a gentle stripping away of your stories and silencing of those internal critics that hold you back from realizing your dreams.

I have personally experienced such huge shifts in the way I think about life and how I live my life — what success means to me, what my time is worth, and what brings me joy. I have always been a dreamer. I have been shy to share that part of me with others because many of my ideas can seem lofty and unrealistic. Leah has given me the tools to dream big and still have my feet on the ground. She believes in me.

The community surrounding her is real. It is filled with like-minded people and it is a joy and an honour to call them friends.

Where am I now? I’ve sold my work and have paintings in private collections across Canada and I have created an Art & Yoga Retreat in Spain that I am co-hosting this year. My intangible but priceless results: clarity and focus. I paint almost daily. I have time for self care and time to spend with my family and friends. I experience joy, I feel more confident and I have a peaceful and fulfilling life.

– Marlene Lowden