Landscape Designer, Team Wrangler, Motorcyclist

“When I started working with Leah a year and a half ago I knew my business had so much potential and I knew I needed support to take it to the next level. I was working long hours and not making enough money to pay all my living costs. One of my biggest goals was to work only 40 hours a week and be able to put money away for retirement.

I love working with Leah. She is very insightful and knowledgeable and the tools she has developed get you right to the core of what needs to be done to shift you to a place of success. Leah guided me to see what was always the next most important step in my process of establishing the strong foundation I needed to grow Tapestry Gardens successfully.

One of the biggest leaps I took was to hire an assistant. It was terrifying to take on that level of financial commitment.  Leah guided me on how I could manage this extra financial cost and it is paying back twofold.  I now have an assistant who is key to my business and together we have created a solid foundation from which I am growing my business. The other big leap of faith I took was to raise my prices. I have always struggled with my own value and the value of the services that my company offers. Leah helped me see my value and support my confidence to raise my prices — and in doing so, I didn’t lose a single customer!

Leah has developed many practical tools you can use day to day to bring you closer to your goals. I have incorporated most of these over our time working together and they are now essentials of my business and personal life.

I no longer work those crazy hours, I am reaching my financial goals, and I am excited every day to go to work.

The best thing is how much happier I am as a person. I have a much higher level of confidence and my family has commented how much nicer it is living with this happier, more relaxed version of me.

I also love the support of the Define Design Align group. Having other entrepreneurs to connect with, learn from, and be supported by has been another important source of confidence for my decisions and actions.  Plus, they are a fun group to hang out with!

I highly recommend working with Leah. She will assist you in bringing the changes you need to bring your life and work into alignment.

– Lorraine Caple