Serial Entrepreneur & Savvy Business Woman

Leah and I have worked together for 3 years.  I came across Leah in an online course we were both enrolled in and was immediately drawn to her style and  personality. At the time I had been considering the need for a coach and decided to contact Leah.

I have a retail and online seasonal Christmas decoration business in Melbourne, Australia.  My business had steadily been growing in its first 7 years, but I had gotten to the point where I needed to change and the business needed to change to maintain and increase this growth. I needed to step up in my role of CEO.  I needed to define and develop the strategies, create a team around me for growth, and re-focus my work day to maximize my time on my core strengths, rather than wasting time on menial tasks.  Leah’s clarity, lateral thinking, strategies and guiding hand have been a pivotal component in helping me achieve significant growth and putting the steps in place for continued growth.

One of the other significant areas Leah has assisted me personally is in clarifying the areas of the business, and business in general, that I wish to engage.  I’m undertaking new consulting work which is very exciting and very challenging.  I could not have made this transition without Leah’s guidance and support.

– Nicole Keleher