Social Entrepreneur, Publisher, Author & Leadership Expert

I’ve had the opportunity of working with Leah in numerous various ways throughout the past decade. We are like the black and white keys on a piano — we complement each other.  We make music!

I greatly admire and appreciate Leah’s ability as a business and life strategist.  Her processes are second to none.  Her presentation skills are amazing.  And her ability to listen, digest and navigate challenging conversations and learning opportunities makes her a rock star in my books.

But far beyond all of this, and what matters the most to me, is Leah’s integrity.  She walks her talk.  She is a positive role model for mothers and female entrepreneurs across this country and beyond.  She has put the time in and has dedicated herself to her work and her purpose.  The depth is there.  You can see, feel, and experience it when you work with her.

– Charlene SanJenko