Mindfulness Catalyst, Libre Tea Creator, Star Wrangler

Before I tell you about Leah and her dramatic influence in my life and on my business, you must know a couple things about me: I hate planning, I’m not organized, and my favourite activity is to leap into the next adventure. And I love to do it MY WAY!

With Leah’s gentle and insightful coaching, systems and sound business perspectives, I have listened and learned and personally transformed along with my business.

When we started I had a few files and my office was the couch, with the computer desk of crossed-legs – and me ready to reach out to the World Wide Web – woo hoo!

And now, 5 years later, with Leah’s consistent coaching, I have systems, a business process manual, very effective time management, a view to the future and a new plan in the works that provides clear goals I know I can achieve (a novel idea to me as plans used to seem oh-so set in stone, thus my abhorrence of them) and I even know what it will take on a daily basis to get there!

The best part? I have solid confidence I can do this! Leah’s toolbox of templates give me what I need to build a foundation that will support my dreams and make them a reality. And I love the community of entrepreneurs she attracts — everyone is so helpful and encouraging. Leah is my trusted “good head” to rely on for sound advice.

Can’t quite say enough – I hope you get the picture of what a difference Leah has made in my life and my business. She still is and will be for many years.

– Wendy Weir