Thrive Catalyst, Play Evangelist, Eco-Mama

When I first started working with Leah I was at a place of transition in my career and life. Through my work with Leah I was able to gain deep clarity on what I truly wanted to be doing both in my work and life. I ended up shifting gears significantly and opening my horizons of what I thought was possible for me and my world.  Her insights and guidance throughout the journey have been powerful catalysts in transforming my work and way of being in the world.

Stepping out and playing big in my life and mission has been a vulnerable journey that has called me to push into my edges and beyond. Having Leah on my team has been instrumental in getting me where I am today.

Since starting work with Leah, I have created an entirely new business and brand. I have created and launched a series of signature programs — all of which have been met with overwhelming response. I have also built a team I adore working with. But the most exciting part is that all of what we’ve created together is aligned with my desires for a limited and flexible work schedule around my parenting and other life passions, PLUS location independence, allowing me and my family to move between homes seasonally and to travel extensively as desired.

Leah is uniquely gifted at working deftly in that complex intersection of where our business meets our life – where who we are meets what we do. Her sweet spot is tapping into the synergy that exists when we align who we truly are with the work we’re meant to do in the world. She is gifted in supporting you to uncover that synergy with tremendous savvy, grace, and humour.

By working at that critical intersection point, we’ve been able to create the deep shifts and get the traction required to build not only a thriving business but a life I deeply love.

Leah meets her clients with a level of personal attention and true dedication not often found. She has a laser-sharp ability to see where you’re stuck and support you to uncover your own awareness with some powerful ah-has. But here’s the thing: she doesn’t leave you there. Leah then arms you with simple yet powerful tools to move forward with those ah-has and convert them into actionable steps that keep you going.

The DDA methods offer a powerful system of foundational principles, strategies, and tools that apply and grow with you and your business. They create their own structure and rhythm that both fuels and soothes the pain points of business and personal growth. The DDA methods create a sense of ease and groundedness through what can often feel like an overwhelming process.

Being part of the DDA Community has alleviated the isolation that entrepreneurship can often include. By cultivating a community of like-spirited, inspired and savvy entrepreneurs, Leah has created a powerful system of support for both practical connections and collaboration, as well as a forum for heartfelt authenticity and camaraderie. “We’re in this together” isn’t just the talk, it’s the walk.

The other unique quality of working with Leah and the DDA community is that you get to live the reality that what matters most is the experience you’re having right here and now. So while the work may feel easy or hard, it’s always met with a spirit of playfulness and joy.

We truly are in this together, and working with Leah over the past few years is easily one of the best decisions I’ve made.

– Tanis Frame, Decide to Thrive