Closing the DDA Product Store and the cost of holding onto things

I know I’m not alone when I share that January felt a bit like trying to run in molasses.

Countless clients, friends and colleagues all shared the same sentiment that the “new” year is only just beginning for them.

So, if you’re feeling like you’re just coming into 2022 now, you’re not alone.

We’re so conditioned that certain dates mean something and seasons should feel a certain way, yet you get to decide and honour your timing regardless of what the calendar says.

It’s a huge invitation to build trust in yourself and your journey which is a profound skill to cultivate.

Every year, I along with my clients look at the Game-changers for the year ahead. The changes, shifts, decisions, actions (started or stopped) that will have the biggest impact in your business and life. They’re not always the big things but the small habits changed and commitments held.

In addition, we look at what got in the way.

Which is a very important question to ask yourself.

So, as I walked myself to the end of 2022 and “looked back” on what got in the way… the biggest thing I saw was the need to simplify and bring things to completion to be able to focus, experience more freedom and increase impact.

Unfinished business, threads that need cutting, outstanding decisions, stuff that’s no longer in alignment with who you’re becoming robs you of vital energy and focus to create momentum forward.

Which is why, especially during the first quarter of 2022, I am devoted to clearing the path and cleaning things up.

Here are a few examples of what that means…

For The Define Design Align Co.,…

The DDA Product Online Store is closing. The products will continue be provided to clients as tools to support them however, the public line continues to fall to the bottom of the list, is a distraction and it’s time to cut that thread. (Store will close end of February, so you can grab a journal or leggings here.)

The beloved DDA Planner which currently comes in two formats will soon only be available in one.

The DDA Programs are getting streamlined:

* The DDA Business Academy’s new Business Playbook implementation will streamline the robust program and give clients faster results. This is one of the best tools I’ve designed in the last decade.(Launches end of February)

* The Entrepreneurs’ Money Immersion format will be streamlined into a live 8 week training, so that folks can take the time they need to be fully supported while building their financial independence. (Launches March 2022.)

Everything created before 2019 is getting deleted.

On the personal side of things…

80% of my clothes are gone and everything in the house that doesn’t have a functional purpose or hold deep meaning will soon be gone. (I’m halfway there.)

The house is getting a “completion” make-over that includes suite renovations, yard clean up, a new driveway, new metal siding and windows.

80% of all personal files are being tossed.

It’s hard to part with things that you’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy into until you recognize the real cost is your freedom and your capacity to write the next chapter of your story.

So, before you lean further into this new year, I highly recommend you take just a few minutes and do the following three things.

(1) Write your letter to 2022.
Many of you sent notes about how powerful it was to write your closing letter to 2021. Here’s your invitation to write your story for the year ahead. This is super fun and extremely powerful.

You can write in the first person or third person – choose a or b. (They are very different experiences.)

(a) Dear 2022,
You are the year that I (became, did, saw, transformed, felt experienced)

(b) Dear 2022,
You are the year that “Leah 5.0” (became, did, saw, transformed, felt experienced)

(2) Identify your 2022 Game-changers in Business and Life.
Read your letter, walk yourself to the end of the year, “look back” on it and ask yourself… What were the real Game-changers?

(3) Identify what got in the way.
This will very quickly guide you to see what you need to prioritize and where you need to clear the blocks (inside and out).

And if you bump up against some limiting stories that need clearing or want more clarity in who you’re becoming and what you want, head on over to the Free Workshops page where you’ll find three really valuable trainings.

Here’s to creating the space, focus and capacity to thrive.