The Free DDA Road Mapping Workshop

Imagine it’s December 31st…

You take a moment to pause as the year is coming to a close. 

You reflect on the things that didn’t go as planned, the weird twists that happened and the painful turns. 

You remember the fun things you did, the adventures you went on and the moments you’ll treasure forever.

You acknowledge the ways you raised the bar, the trust you built in yourself and the goals you knocked out of the park…. 

Here’s the thing. Life has a way of happening. Plans go awry. Goals get lost and we sometimes lose sight of what matters the most.

Regardless of what’s happened to date… The year is NOT over yet! 

There’s still plenty of time to define success on your terms, nail down your direction, clear your distractions, get fiercely focused and accomplish more this fall than you have all year long!

Which is exactly why I’m inviting you to The {FREE} DDA Road Mapping Workshop on September 19th! 

In this 90 minute interactive Road Mapping Workshop you will…

  • Understand how The (DDA) Define Design Align Method works and why it’s so powerful 
  • Reflect and gather key insights on the year to date so you know exactly what to focus on 
  • Identify your greatest impact goal and how to create the time to ensure you achieve it
  • Unveil what’s standing your way BEFORE it blocks your path so you can clear it and get things done 
  • Learn 3 key game changing practices for staying on track 

YES, THERE IS A REPLAY. So even if you can’t join us for the live workshop sign up and watch the replay.

Check out the details and sign up HERE ON THIS PAGE. 

Here’s to getting fiercely intentional with your time and focus so you experience more ease and traction for the rest of the year!