The magic pill you’re looking for is a practice 

I’ve been a business owner for three decades.

So, I know what it takes to show up every day and keep saying yes to your dream.

For years, I was a workaholic measuring my success and self esteem with a very broken measuring stick.

I burnt out several times over in more than one country.

> Now this is where I’m supposed to tell you about the magic red pill I swallowed that changed everything in a flash but you and I both know that’s not how it really works.<

Designing a thriving business and meaningful life doesn’t happen overnight or by following someone else’s top ten tips for success.

Not only that, business landscapes change, life happens, new challenges arise and our desires evolve.

After hitting enough walls, I became devoted to understanding what it takes to truly build a healthy, profitable business and live in alignment.

As I started working intimately with clients, each struggling with their own version of that endless cycle of working too much, for too little and losing sight of their dreams, I knew something at the core was missing.

It wasn’t just a strategic plan, financial system, marketing strategy or a holiday they needed… these were all just pieces of a larger puzzle.

What was required was a shift in identity – a different way of being and a whole new set of CEO skills.

An expanded vision of possibility, a refined definition of success and a re-designed business ecosystem to create the foundation for their freedom.

I spent over a decade keenly observing patterns of behavior, what worked (and didn’t) and how to approach each next step.

Through this research, experience and practice, The Define Design Align Method emerged and is the foundation of The DDA BUSINESS ACADEMY.

It’s what continues to transform my world and drives the results that have empowered hundreds of discerning entrepreneurs to create change.

It’s WHY I’m so passionate about sharing specifically how to do this with you.

The red pill is the consistent practice of new beliefs and skills that elevates every thought, decision and action you take and makes that dream that feels just beyond your reach… your reality.

That is the magic.

The Business of YOU Workshop shows you exactly how to start.

If you haven’t done so already, watch the replay, bonus training and grab the templates. 

Before you know it you’ll have new powerful tools to put into practice and within a few weeks you might just be in awe of what unfolds.