three super valuable ways to start your year + your annual review template

2014 is here. And it’s not too late to take a moment to tap into three really valuable things you can do to start your New Year in alignment.

1. Give yourself permission to want what you want & change your story to make it happen! Everything you think about yourself & what is possible, is only true until it’s not. The greatest thing standing between you & your goals are the stories you keep telling yourself about who you are & what you can & cannot create.

I don’t live in lala land. Yes, there are variable factors. Lots of them. But I can tell you that the #1 reason some people make the changes they want & others don’t is that they are willing to re-write their story, let go of their past, re-claim their lives & become the driving force behind their journey.

Whether your ultimate lifestyle entails living off the grid eating organic veggies from your garden or in a big city high rise drinking martinis in swanky places. Ask yourself, what if …… was possible? And listen for the voice that tells you it’s not – that’s your starting point! 

2. Reflect on the year gone by. I resist reflection. I like to dance in the realm of all possibilities of the future. But when we neglect to pause & reflect, we miss tremendous insight, extremely valuable information & completion!

3. Give yourself an inspired road map to follow & the chance to reach your goals! It’s painful to watch people set goals but neglect to figure out exactly how to make them happen.

I’m going to be honest with you. Being in the world of coaching, I receive hundreds of emails each year on reaching your goals, changing your mindset, planning, making lots of money & on & on. I cringe at some of them. I know people who have spent thousands of dollars on quick fix solutions & the latest tool that promises transformation in their lives & businesses.

I know what works. I know what doesn’t. I know that in order to thrive in your life & business one of the key things you need is a unique, flexible plan that allows you to focus on what matters most, navigate the inevitable changes, discern between distractions & opportunities & get stuff done with less stress & more joy!

So find something that works for you!