start a “stop doing list”

Doing more and being busy does not equal being productive. The sooner you let go of what really doesn’t serve you, the faster you will reclaim those lost moments. Instead of creating another list of things to do, create a “stop doing list” ! Look for repetitive tasks that you can dump, delegate or streamline. First create the list, then figure out a solution to make it happen.

10 examples – with potential solutions

  1. checking snail mail everyday – check on Monday and Friday
  2. working on Sundays – send out confirmations on Sat / inform clients / don’t open computer
  3. avoiding taking vitamins – put them on the counter in front of toaster
  4. checking email first thing – notify clients that your day starts at 10:00 am
  5. worrying – designate to journal time
  6. answering the same general questions – create FAQ and put on your website
  7. taking personal calls during work hours – send a group email to friends and inform them of your decision, get call display and don’t answer the phone
  8. hanging out on Facebook 24/7 – decide on designated times and stick to them
  9. attending meetings you don’t really need to – request the minutes
  10. re-hashing what is not working in your life by talking about it – what we focus on, grows. Commit to yourself that when things happen, jot them down and let them go