The energy of September usually reflects the transition from a summer of more freedom, connection, and play to the welcoming of new fall routines, and an excitement and focus on reaching those year-end goals.

This year is different.

For some, the dreams you held for 2020 may still be on the table however, for many the vision for this year has changed.

Goals have shifted from expanding business, to doing whatever it takes just to keep the doors open. From taking a dream vacation, to safely going to the store. From running a marathon, to the daily climb of homeschooling while trying to stay human.

Navigating the impact of these shifting sands can be disorienting, exhausting, and painful.

It is essential to give yourself permission, time and space, to grieve and digest all that has, and is still unfolding.

Reinvesting in a vision for the remainder of the year and making new goals may feel like an invitation for more disappointment however, there’s also an opportunity to redefine why and how you set goals once and for all so they become what they are meant to be.

A goal is simply a tangible destination to keep you moving in the direction you want to go, that honours your journey, and deeply anchors you in what matters the most.

The most important outcome of goal setting is NOT achieving the goal itself but the experience you have, the trust you build, and who you become while pursuing it.

Even in the hardest seasons, you have the power to choose your narrative.

Here’s your invitation to shift your relationship to goal setting and give yourself the gift of a destination to focus on with small benchmarks to step towards and celebrate this fall.

This will help you to step back into the driver’s seat and track your momentum, even if the road is filled with pot holes and unexpected turns.

Here are five simple questions to help you lean back in and chart your course for the next three months.

(1) What is my goal?
(2) How do I want to feel?
(3) What small steps do I need to take?
(4) What do I need to let go of to reach my goal?
(5) What belief (s) do I need to hold to reach my goal?

*Use language that works for you so if goals doesn’t resonate then use destination.


Here are examples of two different goals with the answers to the questions above:

Business Example:

(1) Launch my new online program with 15 people registered
(2) I feel…confident and excited
(3) I will… finish the content, build the course platform and onboarding process, create marketing assets and implement marketing strategy. (Yes, this is simplified for this example :))
(4) I let go of… the idea that it has to be perfect and the social media comparison scrolling I’ve been distracting myself with
(5) I know… that I have something truly valuable to offer the world

Personal Example:

(1) Regulate my nervous system from all the stress
(2) I feel… peaceful, strong and safe in my body
(3) I will… book an appointment with my acupuncturist, be consistent with my daily breathwork and journaling, reconnect with my support network
(4) I let go of… the shame that I somehow should be handling this better
(5) I know.. that this is a natural response, an opportunity to build my capacity and connect with others so we are not alone in this.

I’d love to know how you’re doing and what you’re focus is this fall – you can email me any time at leah@leahgoard.com. And if I can help you find some clarity in your destination, let me know.



P.S. A friend mine recently shared something that made me laugh and is important to remember especially in hard seasons – that crawling is still progress 🙂