ask the right question to find your focus.

Fall still remains one of my favorite seasons!

It’s at this time of year that I ask my clients to do a very quick exercise; a visualization and answer one critical question. The answer then becomes the driving force in everything that they do for the next three months.

It goes like this…
1. Imagine (in your mind and body)  it’s New Year’s Eve 2011.

You feel amazing; centered, empowered, free, abundant (you fill in the adjectives and sit with this feeling)

2. Then answer this question while centered in that place…

What did I do (let go of, dump, launch, finish) this year to support me feeling this good? (got fit, let go of anger, cleaned up your finances, launched a new product, finished a book)

Write down what you “did” …
Take the top three and make them your #1 focus for remainder of the year. Business or Personal or both.

When I looked at my long list, I discovered that if I really had to choose, the following would truly change the way I experience my life & close out the year with a bang! (and they are not necessarily what I tend to focus on)

My “Top Three Year End Milestones” are:

1. FINISH my house renovations!
2. Kick my booty back to serious strength & health.
3. Launch my 2012 Rock Star Mastermind Program.

What are your three? If you want to send me your list – see below under “Inspired Action”.

Remember: we cannot experience truly great results unless we are totally focused.

Focus is like light: when spread out, it can gently illuminate a room,
pointed in one direction, it becomes a laser that can cut through steel!

If you want support drilling down your plan of action, let me know. I have recently met with several clients and in one short session we have mapped out their entire fall!

Here’s to a fearless, laser focused fall!