Struggling to feel grounded and focused? Here’s an invitation to consider

If your struggling to experience ease, stay anchored in what truly matters, and wake up every morning knowing what to focus on with some sense of possibility… you’re definitely not alone.

It’s a complex dance at any given time and this year we’ve all been deeply challenged to keep showing up and at times, keep ourselves from losing it.

So, how do you move out of survival, reclaim your power and step into the driver’s seat and thrive … even in the hardest seasons? 

A question we’ve all been asked to consider.

It’s also the founding question that fuels my mission and the programs, services, products and content that is created inside this company to be shared with you.

I’ve spent over two decades researching, learning and working with hundreds of clients in search of the answers which is what lead me to develop The Define Design Align Method.

Whether this year has….

  • kicked your ass, your vision and your confidence out the window and you need to chart a new plan for your life, work or business
  • or you’re working from home trying to manage relentless competing priorities with no time to breathe
  • or you’re struggling to figure out whether you need to create better systems, find more support or buy a scooter to escape on 
  • or you’re just DONE with the endless to do lists and trying to figure it all out on your own and you’re ready to finally to do something different… stay with me for a moment.

After over twenty years of doing this work, what I know is true is that there are absolutely new ways of being, doing and imagining that together have the power to transform your experience and get different results.

And none of the quick fix BS is going to get you there!

The newly designed DDA Method Program has just opened.

The DDA Method is a 7 step method designed to help you change the way you show up, shift your limiting stories, get organized, build your skills and confidence, make empowered decisions and take aligned action so you finally start getting the results that actually matter and experience the freedom you crave.

“In the first six weeks of the program, I accomplished more than I had in the previous six months!” – Stephanie Wood

“I have felt a tremendous shift from, “hustle ‘till I drop,” to creating work with intention and focus.” – Carla Contreras

“Since working with Leah and implementing the DDA Method and tools I’ve become laser focused and more productive.” – Jody Macdonald

YES, by the end of the program you will: 

  • Have a crystal clear vision and customized plan that is deeply rooted in your definition of freedom so that you are actually creating the life and business that YOU want.
  • Feel inspired by your goals, confident in your ability to execute, so that you quickly and easily get things done.
  • Have cleared your limiting stories so you get out of your own way and quickly start experiencing and attracting what you want – more joy, time, money, support.
  • Be more organized, with new streamlined systems and powerful habits so everything is more efficient and easier.
  • Have a schedule that actually works so that you are grounded, productive, and present for the things that really matter.

And maybe most importantly…

You’ll know that when life throws you a curveball (or 50 like in 2020) 
you have the skills, trust and rock solid foundation underneath you to adjust your plans and navigate any storm with more clarity, ease and grace.

To make it easy to understand how The DDA Method Program is different and why it’s so powerful – WATCH THIS VIDEO. 

I know that making a commitment at this time, may feel like a stretch which is why during early bird registration you save $500 or you can get started for just $75.

All the details are ON THIS PAGE and again you can watch THIS VIDEO.

If you have any questions, hit reply to this email. 

Here’s to wrapping this year anchored in your new vision of possibility and the peace and power that comes with knowing exactly what your next steps are.


PS: If you are a DDA Method Alumni, make sure you know about the Alumni invitation!