Is doing what you SHOULD crushing your MOJO?


Today, I want to write + connect with you! Recently, I find myself craving the chance to write…. even though I know I should be doing something else.

 I want to write about your WANTS, DESIRES + what YOUR soul CRAVES…

As 2014 wraps, many conversations with clients + friends are shifting focus to the New Year and almost always include this extremely powerful question…


Easy question? Not really. So, why is it often so hard to answer?

In the last few months, I’ve noticed some things that I believe play a huge part in our inability to easily + quickly tune into what we want.

First, our lives are so filled to the brim with what we should be doing that we have lost touch with our desires.

What should we have for dinner tonight?

What should we do this weekend?

How should I say it?

Who should I invite?

What should I write about?

What should I do?

Deeply ingrained in our communication is the “S” word. It’s pervasive and it subtly keeps us from claiming our wants, as big or small as they may be.

What if we tried these… 

What do I want for dinner?

What do we feel like doing this weekend?

What next steps are in alignment?

Subtle but big.

Second, asking yourself “what you want” expands your world. And when you expand, you are going to bump up against your current beliefs about what is possible and you may need to do some of that deep, uncomfortable stuff.

 I want to run a marathon BUT I am too old.

I want to become financially sustainable BUT nobody makes a good living in this kind of business. 

I want more time BUT that means I’d have to xyz and I can’t do that.

You get the gist. 

Finally, when you unveil what your heart desires and lean into what your soul craves, there is a very good chance that you will be required to let something go … bad habits, unhealthy relationships, unsustainable jobs….some decisions are easier than others.

Here’s the thing… when you tap into your desires and what you want, it fuels  your energy + passion. It lights your fire and ignites your mojo. 

I’m not suggesting that you throw your responsibilities out the window or pack it all in today.  I’m simply inviting you to take a few moments and give yourself permission to open the door + tune in a little deeper.

Take 5 minutes RIGHT NOW, pull out a piece of paper + write everything that comes to you when you ask yourself… “What do I want?”  Free flow, no judgment, no holding back… let it out, claim it. (You may just be surprised at what shows up in your world.) 

Here’s to ditching the “S” word + focusing on the stuff that lights your fire!