the best list you will ever make…

It’s nearing the end of September already and you might be full swing into the fall or just getting the kids back to school.


Before you jump into writing your millionth list of things TO DO please take a moment to consider this…
There’s a very good chance that it’s not what you need to do that is going to make the greatest impact in your life…


It might just be what you need to STOP DOING that is going to 
help you get to where you want to go and enjoy the journey.  

What would happen if you stopped…

Saying yes when you mean no 

Checking Facebook first thing in the morning 

Worrying about the things you don’t have control over

Staying up late

Spending money you don’t have

Holding onto what did or didn’t happen 

Eating sugar 

Being so damn hard on yourself 

You would have more time, less stress, feel better in your body, softer in your soul and have a clearer path to focus on the most important things, as you wrap the rest of the year. 
It’s pretty simple…


Take 5 minutes RIGHT NOW and write a short list of things you are going to STOP DOING starting TODAY! Post them where you can see them!  Share them with your friends so you encourage them to do the same!