Give yourself permission to change your mind!

You are absolutely clear. And then you’re totally not. (Insert huge sigh and major or minor tantrum.)

It comes as a niggling feeling that something is not quite in alignment.

Or it arrives like a lightning bolt of deep insight with the message that the path you chose or the decision you made is no longer a fit.

And whether you want to or not, you know the wisest thing to do is listen. 

Something I had to remind myself of again recently.

You see, I am wildly intuitive and fiercely strategic – two gifts for which I am deeply grateful. In my work I can interpret information in the breaths between my clients’ words and quickly help shine a light on their next strategic steps.

In my work, it flows.

The tricky part sometimes comes when it’s my own internal dance of interpretation and decisions. And even though I’ve spent the last two decades honing my skills in the art of decision making, I can still swing a fabulous pendulum of yeses and noes or sink into a mud pond of resistance and spin.

My experience is always magnified relative to the level of growth and expansion that I am being called to move into.

In the last six weeks, my internal twists and turns have been windier than the Col de Turini in France.

I have been crystal clear on my destination and working towards it for over a year now … it’s just that at some point in this last stretch I stopped listening to my intuition and I let some old stories take hold.

I made key decisions and nailed down strategies that made complete sense – except that they didn’t feel good.

One of those decisions included holding a fabulous live event in November. I took all the steps: gathered the information, created the welcome package, did the numbers, finished the sales page and even made the pre-announcement to my clients.

And then it happened. I made the final call to the resort, confirmed everything, hung up the phone and cried.

I’d like to blame the “Super” Full Moon for the level of emotion that came barreling through, but in fact it was just my senses trying to get hold of me.

Then, as if I’d never heard this before, a voice piped up.

“Ahem…. Leah, you can change your mind.”

Oh, right (like hulloooo???!!!) I forgot about that part!

I wrestled the should’s and should’ts until I finally stopped the dance and cancelled everything.

I felt a huge wave of relief and a deep, powerful sense of knowing that I had just taken action to support a new story and build trust in myself. 

Those new stories and that trust are the foundation for all that I have created and what I now experience in my life and work.

But it hasn’t always been this way…

I’ve said YES to jobs that didn’t feel good and stayed instead of making the call.

I’ve walked down the aisle with that niggling feeling which turned into a painful knot lasting as long as the marriage did.

I’ve worn shoes that gave me blisters instead of simply returning them.

You see, the size of the event or the decision itself doesn’t really matter.

What I know to be true is that we make the best decisions we can, given the information and stories we have, at whatever points we are at along the path.

This journey is meant to be filled with twists and turns and oddly placed pit stops – contrary to the straight road we keep buying into.

Changing your mind, re-charting your course … side roads and roundabouts are all part of this adventure.

You will shift and evolve, access new information and receive new insights which may require a 2% shift in direction or call for a 180 degree turn.

So the next time you make a decision or are partway down a path that doesn’t FEEL GOOD … Give yourself permission to change your mind!

THE MAGIC: when you do… what you desire –  freedom, money, time, connection or whatever will come faster and easier than you thought possible.

Now I know that I say this kind of stuff a lot and even cringe sometimes at just how woo woo it can sound, so here’s just one concrete example of what can happen when you truly shift into alignment:

Although the live event’s primary objective was not monetary, it would have supplemented my program development costs; so by cancelling it there was a very specific gap in my financial strategy for the remainder of the year. Within six days after I made the call, through a series of unsolicited and unexpected inquiries, that gap closed right down to the exact number.

MAGIC? Sure feels like it.

In a PowHERtalk I gave last year, I shared the simple yet profoundly effective method I developed, teach and practice when it comes to the art of decision making. This one simple technique can help you make decisions with a whole lot more ease, grace and clarity. It’s called the Expansion Method for Decision Making,

I invite you to watch the 10 minute video recording of The Myth of Transformation. You’ll gain a little more insight into my story and learn this powerful tool..

Here’s to changing our minds and that magic and flow that follows.