remembering your goals… with a planning rhythm

Yes, the sun is shining here on the Sunshine Coast!

I have definitely felt the dampness this winter and welcome the warmth!

I had to remind myself of my 2012 goals a couple of weeks ago, which is prompting me to ask you…

I know it’s only March but does anyone remember what their the big bold 2012 goals are?

Here are three common scenarios: (which one reflects yours?)

You start out the year with great energy, solid intentions, brilliant ideas and big goals!

Maybe they are neatly written down, illustrated through an inspirational collage or scribbled on the back of a napkin from a night of creative brilliance with a bottle Pinot.

Or not…

Maybe you chose to ensure you wouldn’t fail by avoiding the whole process altogether.

Or you are somewhere in the middle with half baked ideas that will surely come to fruition if you relentlessly swirl them in your mind for at least six months.

Regardless of how you started your year, I’m guessing that you may already getting sucked into the daily grind.

Why? Because that’s the way life is – unless you’ve got the following three things in place.

1. You’ve made the decision to consistently and consciously choose your bigger goals, your evolution (be it personal or business) over the demands of every day life. You’ve decided to do it differently. 

2. You’re using a method, to embody that clear vision and position your goals at forefront of your mind each and every day so you don’t lose sight of what is important!

3. You’re working with a planning and prioritizing system for cutting out what doesn’t belong, identifying what does and taking the simple, specific actions to create what you want in your life.

This is what I call your “Planning Rhythm”.

I know it sounds easy to do – and I know it’s not!

The first thing to do is get started.

1. Decide on what you want.
2. Now post it where you can see it. Set a date in your calendar (one time per month) that you commit to revisiting your goal.
3. Break it down and identify your next best action to take and do it.

Then watch what happens – simple steps, habits formed and results achieved. 

The above is the simplest form of what I call your “planning rhythm”. It is the fundamental process that will set you up to make 2012 a different year. I personally use it and so do my clients. Try it out!