organization is a platform for creation!

We often view organization as a rigid tool to keep things in control. However, the truth is that organization is not meant for control, it’s a platform for you to create  and enhance your everyday experiences…   

I love mornings and  generally have things pretty organized before I go to bed.  However, one Thursday night a couple of weeks ago,  I let one thing slide that totally changed my morning experience. I thought about the winter clothes tucked a tub in the closet and simply decided that I would pull it out in the morning…

Friday morning, I went on the hunt for the tub. Only to realize the tub had been moved to the back of the closet behind the shelving unit. I could feel the clock ticking…  I quickly climbed in, pulled out the tub and promptly hit my head on the shelf.

Opened it up, pulled everything out, only to discover there were no boots to be found… anywhere! I looked in the other closet, the garage and everywhere I could think of!

By the time I returned to the contents of the tub spread across the living room floor, the one kid without boots was sliding across the back deck in his soaking wet runners and we were late for school and for work.

Immediately that overwhelming feeling started to swell up inside. I know you know the one!  The feeling that life is happening to you, it’s a series of struggling from one “to do” to the next, “one place” to another… The boot fairy must have nabbed those ones because I never did find them.

But more important than the missing boots, I missed enjoying the moment  because I simply didn’t take the time to get a bit more organized. A small but complete illustration of why organization plays a key role in supporting us to create the experience that we want!

Conscious of what I was allowing to happen, I did shift back into enjoying my morning, accepted that we were late,  threw on some dry socks and a few snowballs.

When you move through your day today, try becoming aware of the ways in which you could set things up a little differently so that it is easier for you to enjoy your moments more fully? Write them down and choose one change…

Some possibilities… schedule more time in the morning to get ready,  organize your closet or desk, say “no” to a commitment that just doesn’t fit in your schedule.

Now is a great time to start thinking about how you can get organized for the holidays so that you can experience them! Not have them happen to you!