sustainable is SEXY!


We’ve all heard it. And there is a good chance you’ve bought into it on some level at some point in time. We all have. As awesome as this sounds, when you are creating a life + building a business to thrive, nurture your family + soul… it doesn’t work.

It’s right up there with “Lose 20 lbs in 7 days. Pay off all your debt in a month. Get 10,000 subscribers in 3 weeks.” I call bullshit!

Radical change, BIG results, the best body you’ve had in 10 years – sure it’s attractive + there’s lots of products to buy into to help you on your mission to change your life in 2.5 days but the truth is that creating sustainability trumps going big or going home any day!

Delve deep enough with any business owner + they will tell you what they truly want is a deeply sustainable lifestyle + income.

Talk with any parent with a busy household of kids + they’ll tell you that sustainable energy would rock their world.

Becoming sustainable is your starting point. What is most valuable when it comes to defining what sustainable is in your world is that often, it is only a few steps away. One of the greatest challenges in your ability to make changes in your life is that the changes often seem impossible… the gap is too big, the mountain too high, the road too long.

Doable, simple, strategic, consistent steps are what creates real momentum. Just ask any one who’s gone from couch potato to marathon runner. It didn’t happen in 2.5 days!


What does sustainable look like in your world?

  • Exactly how much revenue does your business need to generate to be sustainable? Exactly how many more clients do you need or how much do you need to increase your rates?
  • How many hours is your real MAX for working before you crash? It might just mean an assistant for four hours a week that will make all the difference! Or someone to clean your house 1 x month.
  • Specifically, what do you need on a daily basis to keep your energy high so you can experience life the way you want to? It might mean one extra hour of sleep and one less coffee per day.
  • How many date nights or walks on the beach in a month does your relationship really need to stay connected?

What VERY specific incremental steps can you take to create sustainability in your world?

Sustainable is SEXY! When you look close enough you will come to realize that it’s the key to your success.

PS: If you missed the article I wrote several months back on money – Here’s a good read on why you want to define your sustainable income.