women changing the world + how you can too!

Do you ever get the burning feeling that you want to DO SOMETHING to contribute to the world?

I’ve had it for a very long time + I am extremely grateful for the divine timing that introduced me to three exceptional women on an incredible mission to help young women around the world.

Meet Passion Foundation’s Global Sorority – an organization on a mission to support gender equality, provide young women with sustainable leadership education + to facilitate a global sisterhood that mobilizes change, inspires action + creates economic + service opportunities for girls around the world. Their next mission – the Beirut Marathon to raise over $20,000 to support new program initiatives in Beirut with young women.

293Tia Kelly’s passion is to empower + inspire young women to make positive life decisions by offering them a platform from which they can contribute their best. She continues to travel the world to film the Global Sorority documentary series, giving an empowering voice to girls!

294Loretta Cella founded Passion Foundation in 2007 to support young women to live to their full potential! A two TEDx speaker + Soroptimist Ruby Award recipient, Loretta’s wealth of experience + knowledge enables her to create the best possible programs + services for young women.
298Sarah Jamieson is a freelance do’gooder, a social crusader, a runner of amok of all things bucket list. Leveraging over fifteen years in the health + wellness industry, Sarah’s passion, RUN4ACAUSE is a 10- year passion project with the goal of raising $1M through inspiring people of all ages to use the power behind their sport for the greater good.

I invite you to join me in doing whatever you can to support this mission!

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Donate directly to their next mission in Lebanon. (CANADA)

Donate directly to their next mission in Lebanon. (USA)