the art + soul of spring clearing + your free template

Ahhh Spring…

The birds start to sing, colors emerge, the sniffles dry up, dirt on the windows magically appears & just like clockwork, I get this burning desire to throw out just about everything I own. Yet, I know this is just an outer reflection of something deeper.

There is an art & soul to spring clearing that goes beyond the extra shoes in your closet, files on your desktop or the dust bunnies in the corners.

It’s not just the stuff in your house that’s blocking your path & stagnating your  momentum…

What we are really talking about is cleaning out, wrapping up, letting go of each & every thing in your life that no longer serves you:

  • the clothes that don’t fit
  • the emails that you are never going to read again
  • the beliefs you have about yourself that are keeping you stuck
  • the relationship that needs cleaning up
  • the commitments that are no longer sustainable

You & everyone else could use a little more space for the good stuff:  love, connection, energy, kindness, freedom…

not more stuff to weigh you down!

So challenge yourself to embrace the art & soul of spring clearing & get serious about simplifying your life!  It’s easier than you think & you will feel lighter,  more focused & a tremendous sense of freedom!

Here are three simple steps to help you get started:

1. Commit. Make the decision to consistently & consciously clear your path. Make it your mission, your mantra, your thing!

2. Download your CLEARING YOUR PATH TEMPLATE to delve deeper into the areas that are going to create the greatest impact, help you focus & give you a road map to follow.  Read this article:  5 Steps To Sort Your Stuff

3. Get support: Your stuff is costing you in so many ways, on so many levels that the small investment you make to get help will more than pay for itself! Whether its organizing your closet or automating your business, doing a dump run, completing your divorce papers or helping you to clear the beliefs that are standing in your way, there is someone with the expertise you need!

In the last month worked with an EFT Specialist to release some old beliefs,  hired a handyman to move yard waste I couldn’t lift, consulted a lawyer to clear a concerning issue & for every call I made, I am lighter, more focused & free!

I have spent the last five years cultivating a network of exceptional support providers. If you need help clearing any area of your life or business & don’t know who to call, I invite you to send me an email & I will give you my recommendations!`

Here’s to soulful living & traveling light!