spring cleaning

Spring is such an amazing time of year when nature enters into a state of renewal. “Spring cleaning” dates back hundreds of years and acts as our own synchronistic ritual with nature.

Reflecting this natural cycle, it only makes sense that many of us feel the urge to clear away the clutter and stagnant energy that has accumulated, re-evaluate our priorities and make room for new energy to enter into our world.

It’s not surprising that written on the front cover of March’s House and Home Magazine is “GET ORGANIZED”. This is a great motivating statement to buy a magazine or jump start the process, however, learning to create an “organizing lifestyle” based on your unique personal, family and professional life, is ultimately what builds the foundation for long term results. Not quite as glossy but way more effective!

Clearing out a space can have an immediate, dramatic impact on your environment and often the best way to get started. However, there is another key aspect of organization that also needs to be considered.

Internal organization is what is happening in your mind; it is your thoughts and your habits, the way in which you sort out and prioritize information past, present and future. Internal organization requires that you become mindful of what is happening on the inside in order to achieve sustainable results on the outside. The integration of internal and external organization offers the greatest opportunity for success.

So, take a moment before purchasing the latest organizing product; it may look good in the magazines but it might not be the answer you are looking for.