Navigating life and work or running a business effectively is all about focusing on your highest priorities first.

The right things at the right time.

This entails asking questions and making daily decisions about how best to use your time, energy and resources.

Questions like:

Should I focus on developing service A or B?
Is X an opportunity or a distraction?
Do I need to re-brand now or wait until next year?
Do I put my kids in childcare?
Is it time to raise my rates?
Is it possible to take that holiday?
Can I quit my day job? 

I am asked these types of important questions all the time from those who are trying really hard to figure out what’s next, yet can’t seem to find the answers which keeps them spinning in indecision.

Too often we are asking great questions but in the wrong order which causes more stress and confusion, loss of trust, time and money. 

Here’s the thing…if you are not clear on what you truly want – your desired experience and vision, know your values, strengths and goals – in life, work, health, money, business, marketing, sales etc…. then you simply won’t have the information you need to make swift, aligned, strategic decisions with confidence.

I know that figuring all that out might sound a bit daunting and the truth is that it does take some work AND the incredible thing is that once you have clarity on these pieces – then EVERYTHING GETS EASIER. 

You can take your vision and those goals and REVERSE ENGINEER them into a step by step (yet flexible) plan to guide you on your journey.

Then put strategies and systems in place, get the support you need and align your habits and daily schedule to get you to your next destination.

It all starts with your foundation. 

Which is precisely the process that The Define Design Align (DDA) Method walks you through.

Then, (drum roll please) after you go through the process and reach your next destination (insert feeling amazing while celebrating and experiencing abundance and a new level of freedom) guess what’s going to happen?


LIFE is going to happen. Transitions, opportunities, challenges, unexpected twists and turns in the road and that’s exactly when new decisions will need to be made.

And you’ll be asked to do it all over again…rinse and repeat.

Except the amazing thing is that each time you do it – it gets faster and easier.

Instead of jumping into that rabbit hole and digging down in it for months, you’ll dip your toe into the chaos and uncertainty for a couple of hours or even choose to roll around in the mud for a few days but you’ll pull yourself out of it when you’re ready.

You’ll know exactly what questions to ask, in what order, how to find the answers and take the next steps in the direction you want to go.  (And the next time, you may just choose to jump over that rabbit hole altogether.)

That’s what happens when you have your very own internal navigation system that lines up with an external road map structured to keep you on track and an approach that is specifically designed to help you thrive more along the way.

So the next time you are spinning in indecision, please take a moment to ask yourself if there is a question that comes before the one you are trying to answer.
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