What if this could be easy?

The dance of December is here which often comes with a slew of big and small questions and decisions to be made.

Even when they’re not heavy ones, tied to family dynamics or your bottom line… the sheer volume can quickly create a lot of stress and overwhelm…

Do we go to Grandma’s for xmas dinner?
How much of a bonus do I give my team?
Will they like the red one or the blue one?
What should I wear to the party… do I really have to go?
Do I hold a last minute xmas sale at the store? 

I recently started asking myself a super simple question that has made everything flow a lot better and I want to share it with you as you lean into the month ahead.

The question: “What if this could be easy and how do I make it so?” 

In the last week alone, a variety of things have happened including tech challenges,  kitchen floods and a broken window and this one question has been key in making navigating it all so much easier. 

I’m going to leave it with you to ask the next time you make a decision or a twist in the road comes your way.

Which I’m pretty darn excited to share and this email is a result of asking myself the question….

How can I make it EASY for you to find the information about the program benefits and determine if it’s fit for you, get a sense of the experience and answer your questions, while honouring your time and energy during one of the fullest months of the year. 

First, I am NOT going to send out a thousand emails or posts over the next few weeks that have scarcity driven marketing messages, promises of millions or be told that you will fail in 2018 without joining. Just in case you were wondering.

Instead you are invited to: 

  • Check out THE DDA ACADEMY PAGE and read the details
  • Watch the video I post later this week that will walk you through the DDA Method, key features and take a peek inside the DDA Academy Platform.
  • On December 15th, join me for the FREE YEAR END WRAP and experience a live virtual workshop together. This is NOT a sales webinar – just a chance to reflect and celebrate together.
  • On December 22nd, attend the live jam session to walk through the program and have a Q&A Session. Sign up coming shortly.
  • Send me an email and ask me anything or book a call with me. It would be my pleasure to connect.

The DDA Academy Registration will be open until January 3rd which gives you plenty of time to explore the program and have your questions answered. 

Here’s to making things simple, aligned and easy.