I’ve quit more times this year than any other. {What happens when you’re done}

I’ve quit more times this year than any other.

The last time I quit was just last week. Right smack dab in the middle of the DDA Academy Retreat.

There’s ample information out there about pushing through but we aren’t talking enough about is what happens when we hit the wall. When we are DONE for fear that by letting people behind the curtain they will see right into just how human we are.

But what if being DONE is a GOOD thing?!

So, here’s how my story goes…

After an amazing day of workshops, I shared something personal at the retreat during Saturday evening’s session, as a catalyst for the participants to explore their identity and what they were ready to let go of.

I anchored myself in how I would articulate my words and the powerful question I would ask.  I started to speak yet the words weren’t what I had practiced. My hands started to shake and my body temperature rose as fast as the voices in my head. I tried to breathe and then the tears just flowed. I hadn’t realized how raw I was.

Time came to a standstill and I felt absolutely naked in the middle of a circle of women, who I was supposed to be leading, not melting into a speechless puddle.

Eventually, I gathered myself, clarified the question that I was asking the group and within a few minutes the women were diving into finding their own answers.

I later returned to my room, threw in the towel and packed it all in. I quit.

The backstory is that it’s been a B.I.G. year of growth on many levels and I have found myself wildly uncomfortable in my own skin, more than a few times. This was just one of those times and in the moment I was DONE.

That’s what happens when you’ve outgrown certain ways of doing things, you start to take risks to expand your experiences. And when you do, you be will required to stop hiding in the shadows, step into more of who you are, stand in your truth, embrace your strengths and challenge your stories. You will run right smack dab into yourself and you’ll be asked to make a decision to contract or expand.

I woke up the next morning, took a deep breath, reluctantly high-fived my vulnerability hangover and dove back into retreat.

During the day, I started to notice the subtle change in energy, the openness in the room, the laughter and the meaningful exchanges. I also received a few notes about how powerful the evening had been and we went on to have the most amazing retreat I’ve ever held.  I was reminded of Brene Brown’s words: “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” 

Here’s the beautiful thing… On the other side of DONE is CHANGE whether it’s a bold shift in how you show up,  a small step in a new direction or a big 180 degree turn.

Monday morning I knew it was time to do some of my own work, so for the millionth time, I walked myself through The DDA Method. I answered tough questions about what I really want, what is working, what is out of alignment and what I’m done with. I got crystal clear on my next steps, then acknowledged my successes and celebrated the lessons learned.

After over a decade in this business of transformation, I am pretty DONE with lengthy sales letters that highlight all the ways in which you NEED a program and a NEW QUICK FIX SOLUTION to make you a BETTER person. It’s such BS.

This is not one of those.

Instead – here’s an invitation.

Maybe you are ready to get un-stuck, find clarity in what you truly want and create a plan to help you get there.

Maybe you’re tired of all the distractions and want a system to help you stay organized and focused on your priorities.

Maybe it’s time to SHIFT those stories that are blocking you from being able to experience your life and work with more ease and joy.

The DDA Method works. This dynamic system and approach has been a game changer for me. In the first six weeks of the program, I accomplished more than I had in the previous six months. – Stephanie Wood. 

Working with Leah and the DDA Method, I learned how to believe in myself. – Marlene Lowden

The DDA Method is extremely potent. – Cindy Stockdale

Since working with Leah and implementing the DDA methods and tools I’ve become laser focused and more productive. The best part, though, is how I FEEL about my art practice.- Jody MacDonald

If you are DONE with doing things the same way while trying to get different results then reach out, send me an email at leah@leahgoard.com.  I’m more than happy to answer your questions.

Here’s to being DONE in the best possible way!