What are your Gamechangers?

I’m a huge advocate for reflection however, the truth is that the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the year was look back.

Last year will be remembered as one of the greatest turning points and I have a feeling I’m not alone. Those sharp detours and moments of WTAF just happened are often messy, painful, profoundly insightful and ultimately can shift the trajectory of our world deeper into alignment.

So, this year instead of an in-depth review I decided to simply focus on The Gamechangers (see below) which is part of the bigger reflection process that I do with my clients.

It’s one super simple and powerful question asked in two different contexts.

First, review – What were the real Gamechangers of last year (or quarter etc.)? The changes, shifts, decisions, actions (started or stopped) that had the biggest impact.

Not surprisingly they are not always the bold leaps taken but the smaller shifts, habits, and practices that cause the biggest ripples like getting up an hour earlier, creating a marketing habit, or cultivating a daily gratitude practice.

Next, forecasting – What WILL BE the real Gamechangers of the year ahead (or quarter etc.)? You may wonder how it is possible to foresee what will be the Gamechangers but when you play with this question you’ll realize how much you already know to be true.

The most effective way to do this is to look at your vision and goals for the year ahead and walk yourself to the end of the year, “look back” on the last 12 months and ask yourself…

What were the real Gamechangers? And for good measure, throw in this one… What got in the way?

This will very quickly guide you to see what is going to have the greatest impact, where to focus, and the blocks that need clearing.

I appreciate reading other’s experiences and so here are my Gamechangers of 2020.

In my business, they were bigger leaps.

(1) I implemented Notion: THE platform for organization and productivity. It allows you to integrate all of your planning, tasks, resources, ideas, and creativity in one place. Forever grateful to Marie Poulin (who has the best Notion Course on the planet) for introducing me as it’s hands down the most impactful tool I’ve ever used and I can’t imagine business (or life) without it.

(2) I made the single biggest investment in my business: Right in the middle of the uncertainty of Covid, I joined Mariah Coz’s Accelerator Program. I signed up because of the exceptional training, Mariah’s integrity, and the brilliant community. And equally important, by saying YES, I made a bold and fierce commitment to keep showing up for my vision while choosing to rise in the face of difficult times. And that was priceless.

(3) I turned The DDA Method Program into an Evergreen Offer: I’ve been successfully running programs in the same way for many years and it’s has been time to change the delivery model for a while but I’ve had a lot of resistance. Previously, I only ran the program once a year which meant that for 10 months it wasn’t accessible, which wasn’t serving anyone. This is a Gamechanger for many reasons but the biggest is that it required that I make a significant shift in my perspective on how to best serve my clients.

In my personal life, the changes came from following my intuition (like bread crumbs) and taking smaller, fiercely consistent actions.

(1) I took three months OFF Social Media: I went off social media completely (with the only exception being inside my business FB Group) twice last year. It was a huge positive experience with zero negative impact on my business. I highly recommend it and will do this again this year. 🙂

(2) I doubled down on my personal finances: I knew it was time to refocus, clean some things up, and raise the bar in my money practices. I returned to my weekly money dates, read several books. and switched accounting procedures and software. In the uncertainty of the year, these actions helped to keep the money stories in check and kept me firmly rooted in knowing my numbers. (Here is my Monthly Money Reflection/Planning Template to help you get started consistently refocusing on your finances).

(3) I took my mental, emotional and spiritual health seriously: I can usually successfully navigate through a substantial number of circumstances for extended periods of time however, part way through 2020 my nervous system hit a wall and gave me a huge wake up call. Experiencing that level of anxiety was horrible and it was also one of the greatest gifts. It led me to spend the last six months immersed in the science and soul of the brain and body and I explored a wealth of different modalities, tools, and practices. I have had some of the most profoundly empowering experiences and I am in a whole different place now.

Here’s a short list of just some of my favourites:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Stephanie WoodI took my EFT practice to a new level. 
  • EMDR: EMDR is scientifically proven for treating PTSD. It was incredibly effective.
  • Breathwork with Loretta Cella: Such a powerful practice that it is safe to say that I’m a lifer on this one!
  • Neurofeedback with Viviane Houle: Used for everything from decreasing anxiety, treating ADHD, to increasing performance in athletes. It’s fascinating. I rented a Neurofeedback System for 2.5 months and the changes in my brain / nervous system function were measurable.
  • Meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza and others: After reading Becoming Supernatural I made a deep commitment to finally sit my butt down and meditate. Now I can’t imagine a day without doing it.
  • Cold Therapy with Wim Hof Method: Still not a super fan of the old daily cold showers but I do it anyways.
  • An awesome cocktail of nutrition and supplements and a healthy dose of nature.

My list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the incredibly wise and loving people in my life who continue to so graciously share their guidance and gifts.

I encourage you to take a few minutes right now and jot down your 2020 short list and consider your Gamechangers for the year ahead. I’d love to hear them.

May the powerful shifts of 2021 be as expansive and a little gentler on everyone.