Please remember this as you lean into the New Year

I spent the first day of 2021 curled up on my couch with Merlin for the entire day binge watching Scandal.

I ate popcorn and chocolate for breakfast and eggs and toast for dinner.

I didn’t meditate, journal, workout, take my vitamins, clean the house or work.

I didn’t think about last year or all the things I will create in 2021.

I gave myself permission to redefine success that day and trust what I needed most… a break from life – a day out of time.

For over a decade, I’ve written a new year dispatch with the intention to share something that will support you as you transition into the next year that’s included things like how to plan your year, reclaim your time, make more money or implement new habits.

All super valuable resources and there’s lots more on the way however, this week is different…. because after 2020 we are different.

One of the greatest lessons that I re-learned last year is that if you don’t define what success feels like and looks, honouring what you need and what matters the most to YOU – you’ll spend you’re life trying to meet the world’s expectations while chasing someone else’s dream.

So, instead of sharing how to make this “The best year ever!” or how to be “The most productive human on the planet: (GAG!!) why don’t we start with a simple, powerful reminder…

To trust yourself because, you my friend are the expert on you. You get to define success on your terms and pursue it with all your heart.

If you keep tuning inwards and be still long enough… you will know what is right for you. You’ll hear the whispers of the truth of who you are and what you truly desire, what to focus on, the best decisions to make and the steps to take.

Which on some days may include popcorn.

Yes, there’s work to be done, strategies, systems and tools to put into place, things to unpack and let go of… and your starting point is to give yourself an all access pass to your own inner guidance system and the rest will start to fall into place.

Here’s to a year of clarity, grace and trusting your inner guidance.



PS: As for those resources:
You’ll find a wealth of articles from goal setting to making money HERE ON MY BLOG.
You’ll find free valuable workshops and guides HERE ON THE FREE TRAINING PAGE.
And if you’re interested in a whole new way of redefining and pursuing success on your terms with a year of live support check out THE DDA METHOD PROGRAM.