what pink underwear, shiny floors & fairy dust have to do with feeling great & your bottom line?

Environments that influence…

I’m feeling rejuvenated & inspired after five days with my son in the “big city” of Vancouver. Granville Island, Robson Street, the library, Fly Over Canada, family & friends & a marathon 11 hours of fun at Playland.

As our vacation unfolded, I noticed something that really struck me while engulfed in glitter & feathers, tactile objects & warm friendly faces at the grand opening of the gigantic, pink themed Victoria Secret Store.

I never wear pink & only shop for underwear out of necessity yet within five minutes of the dapper gentleman opening the door, I found myself strangely excited about both.

As I explored the landscape, I became acutely aware that all my senses were being nurtured. The music, the lights, the impeccable design, each & every detail, the friendly & mature staff & the product. And for the first time in my life, I contemplated pink. Why? Because the experience sparked my mojo & I felt great as I walked out of the store with my little pink bag in hand.

A few hours later, I sat on my sister & bother in law’s floor & watched the sunlight shine through the back door & reflect on the glass. Once again, I was drawn in by the energy & beauty that surrounded me. Inspired, I thought about my home & the things I would do to enhance how it feels. Why? Because I felt deeply grounded & peaceful in the warmth that I was immersed in.

Driving home from the ferry, I bought a plant. Yesterday, I dug to the bottom of my make-up bag, pulled out & applied some sparkly pinkish eye shadow called “Fairy Dust.”

Your environment directly influences how you feel &

your emotions drive your actions.

Which is extremely valuable to understand.

You have every opportunity to create spaces that support how you want to feel at home & work. Whether it’s clearing the clutter that is creating stagnant energy, painting a fresh color on the wall or hanging pictures that inspire you.

In business, you have the power to create environments that deeply impact your customer’s experiences, directly influence their decision making & grow your sales. This will dramatically increase the depth of your brand’s connection & culture, awareness & leverage. The secret is in the lasting effect of how your customers feel while in contact with your company & your product.  This applies whether you have a physical location or online presence.

It’s worth taking the time to find ways to shift the energy in your space to create surroundings that inspire you & reflect who you are.

And it will be beyond valuable & profitable to invest in the environment & experience you are creating for your customers.

So, here’s to pink underwear (never thought I’d say that) & creating spaces that support you, your family & your customers to feel deeply inspired!